Professional Web Design Company Shares Four Essential Features of Enterprise Web Design

New web designs sprout every year. Although enterprises cannot include all of them in each redesign job, it is a good idea to talk to their professional web design company to find out what new inclusions can make their website more business friendly. In this blog Zorbis shares four essential updates that every enterprise ought to make.

Unique Typography
Typography makes use of text to help businesses increase their marketability and improve browsing experience for end users. The New York Times demonstrates a clever use of typography. It uses merely font types and font sizes to help users navigate. Fonts and the arrangement of text on your website can go a long way to build your brand.
Flat Design
As a professional web design company, one thing that Zorbis has learnt is that flat design can do wonders to the website of an enterprise. Instead of the hotchpotch of three-dimensional graphics, a flat design utilizes simple illustrations and bright colors. It looks both clean and slick, not to mention professional. A second advantage of the flat design is that it keeps the potential client’s focus on content as opposed to bells and whistles.
Large Images
Use of large images is an effective and efficient method to highlight your products and services. Enterprises working with a professional web design company can highlight the unique features of their product through larger images. As for potential customers, they can get a good view of the product through a big image without having to read a long text. 
Product Videos
Many enterprises, General Electric is one of them, have started to use short but in-depth videos on their websites to educate visitors about themselves, and their products and services. It is an extremely effective way to attract new customers. Inc. Magazine reports that more than nine in 10 B2B customers want an online video while researching for products and services for their business.
Zorbis in a professional web design company with years of experience. It is of the firm opinion that unique typography, flat design, large images, and in-depth product videos should be four essential features of any enterprise website.  
Posted By Zorbis
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