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Three Smart Questions to Ask your SaaS Provider

There is not a dearth of SaaS providers and companies. Some of them are good and some of them are not that good. It is crucial to distinguish the good ones who can grow to become your reliable partners. Enterprises have to be particularly careful. 


How does an enterprise go about distinguishing a reliable SaaS software company from hordes of mediocre ones? It is not easy. There are several things to do. The most crucial of them is to ask the right questions. 


This blog suggests you three smart questions to ask a vendor before you sealing an enterprise level deal with it. 


Security uber alles 


For most enterprises, security is a top concern. In fact, many companies shy away from the SaaS model out of security concerns. During the initial stages of your discussion, ask the vendor about its security policies. Does it provide firewalls, intrusion detection mechanisms, SSL and application security, 24x7 monitoring, and third-party verification of its security practices? The answers can determine your decision on whether to go ahead. 


Data ownership 


Your SaaS vendor will store and manage your data. It is wise to ask them what will happen to your data if the vendor goes out of business, or you decide to change the vendor. It is crucial to get a written guarantee that your details will not be shared with third parties. Reputed SaaS providers, such as Zorbis, readily guarantee the security of data. They also ensure you can download your data in a variety of formats in an emergency. 




You are essentially relinquishing some control over your IT environment by going the SaaS way. It is important to ensure the vendor has what offers reliable services. Answers to a few questions, such as—What are your contingency plans? What is your uptime? And what will you do in case of a power outage?—can help you gauge the quality of the services of the vendor. 


There are many other things you can ask of your vendor. But we felt these three are the most important. Please contact us if you want to know how an ideal SaaS provider should be. We have years of experience in providing quality SaaS services to enterprises

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