3 Advanced Facebook Ad Targeting Strategies That Actually Work

Facebook boasts 1.5 billion active users, which makes it one of the most effective marketing tools available, given that you know how to use it in your favor.
There are about 2 million advertisers that indicates that businesses are using this platform heavily to reach new customers. However, most of those advertisers aren’t taking full advantage of some powerful ad targeting strategies that we have mentioned below.

It is time to design a solid Facebook ad strategy to empower your digital marketing and for that it’s vital that you understand targeting. Let’s look at the awesome list of 3 advanced Facebook ad targeting strategies that work.

1) Target People that Already Know You

People buy from those they trust and had a good experience with their services or products. People that know you and used your products before will likely trust you, so target them. One of the easiest ways to ensure a positive ROI is by targeting people you already know. You can find those customers from these sources below:

a.Email list – You may be using your email list to send the subscribers your quarterly newsletters. Now is the time to put that hard-earned list to good use by integrating emails with Facebook, which put your ads in front of people who have already interacted with your brand.

b.Retargeting – Retargeting is a clever strategy that makes your ad seen by the people who have already visited your website. Facebook can track every visit to your site and then puts your ad in front of former visitors to continually expose them to your brand.

c.Fan – Are you not targeting people who have openly liked your Facebook page? If not, then start doing it and expose them to your ads. If they are liking your page it means they appreciate what you have to offer.

2. Target to Audiences with the Same Interests
You are targeting people you know, but have you tried to target people that look like people you know?
Marketing to people who share the common interests with existing clients, leads, and fans, means they may act in a similar fashion. Facebook has made this easy by allowing you to target to custom lookalike audiences. They are categorized into:
a. Client lookalikes – The ultimate lookalike would be that of an existing client. This advanced targeting strategy finds people with the same characteristics and interests as the client list you provide as a custom audience. Then all you have to is to target them as you do your existing clients.
b. Lead lookalikes – You can also create a custom audience from your leads. Facebook will use the same strategy to place your ad in front of people who are more likely to click through.

c. Fan lookalikes – Fans like your business that’s why they follow your content. So there is a good probability that people like your fans may like it too. Hence, you know what next you should do.

3)  Use Behavior and Life-events Targeting
Last but not the least comes behavior and life-events targeting. This can be especially useful in obvious ways, for instance a florist or jewelry store would target people on special occasions. They both can market to anyone who was married 1 year ago and celebrating their anniversary soon.
Facebook is a master when it comes to targeting and knows many ways to target a custom audience. Their partnership with multiple high-level data brokers, Facebook likely knows more about us than we think.  You can leverage their power of tracking user spending history that can be very useful in creating unique criteria for your advertising.

If you promote Ecommerce Marketing services, Facebook by using personal spending history of users can help you target people who buy what you are offering. There could be tones of possibilities that you can avail for your product advertising when you combine behavior and life-events targeting with some of the strategies mentioned above.

In Conclusion

Facebook is your friendly and easiest traffic source to your website, and you need to place it in the top in your overall advertising strategy picture.

Facebook can be used to attract unknown people to your website and at the same time to delight your existing clients. Use these targeting methods and advertise with confidence on Facebook to increase sales and find new customers both on Facebook and on your own site.

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