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Best-in-Class Certified Consultations for Decisions As certified Decisions consultants, Zorbis offers your business automation, data handling, and business rule execution solutions to optimize all your business process in a no-code manner. Decisions is used directly by companies across the globe, ranging from small/mid-size companies to over a dozen of the Fortune 500.

Decisions is a leading comprehensive Business Process Management solution provider with an intuitive Rule Engine. Our partnership is focused on empowering clients to get an edge over their competitions under some of the most cost-effective budgets in the market.

As a leading Decisions partner, our services and expertise deliver some of the most advanced and intuitive solutions that help you in getting an edge over your clients. Our expert team of certified Decisions consultants have decades of experience in various services, such as developing Business Automation applications, Prototyping and UI Designing, SaaS-based App Development, and more.

Solutions We Cater to with Our Decisions Certified ConsultationsAt Zorbis, our certified Decisions consultants empower you to simplify all your business process management hassles. Our state-of-the-art IT solutions with the power of Decisions services, help your business in leveraging modern cutting-edge IT & automation technology.

Extensive Master Data Management Service

Streamline your organization's master data management with our expert Decisions certified services. Our custom IT solutions cater to all of your master data management needs, such as System Integration, Form Validation, Master Data Storage, and so on without fail.

Simplified Project Management Solutions

Zorbis has been empowering businesses of all kinds and types in simplifying their project management processes with our Decisions certified services. Not only our modernized solutions help in maintaining data consistency but streamlines Project Tracking, Work Breakdown, Process Design, and so forth.

Best Business Rule Management Services

At Zorbis, our Decisions certified consultants assist you in developing enterprise-grade, automated Business Rule management solutions. From Data Cleaning to Policy Enforcement, Zorbis offers it all.

All-Inclusive Workflow Management Services

Customer On-boarding, Inventory Management, Invoice Tracking and Approvals, Application Processing, CRM, and many more Workflow management services are offered by our certified Decisions team.

Why Are We Preferred Decisions Provider?

Zorbis is one of the most trusted Decisions consultants in the global market with many years of expertise in the field. Our services are designed and developed by our team experts from all over the world to deliver you top-notch solutions in the most cost-efficient manner possible.

Being a certified Decisions provider, we deliver some of the most intuitive IT services and consultations across the world.

6926+ Projects

500+ Mobile Apps

285+ Global Employees

4 Locations

21+ Years in Business

2758+ Companies

  • Certified Decisions consultants with best-in-class Business Analysis, Consulting, Data Modeling, Prototyping, UI Design, Deployment, Stabilization, and various other services
  • Successfully developed and improved internal decision quality capabilities of companies across various industry verticals for workflow automation and Business Rule Engine
  • Over 17 years of experience with over 100 employees from all around the world delivering the solutions using Decisions, besides solutions in Web Development, SaaS, Design Services, Mobile Development, Digital Marketing, and .Net Development
  • Effective and flexible solutions meeting the demands of all sizes of companies, including start-ups & fortune 500 companies
  • Delivering cutting-edge web and mobile applications that can be evolved as the business requirements change
  • Preferred Decisions partner for various different kinds of design and development tasks, such as Business Automation Software, Workflow Automation Solutions, Project Management Solutions, Billing solutions and so forth.
Our certificated Decisions consultants will help you leverage the benefits of Decisions in an effortless manner.

Proud PartnerCertified Professional Developer

Business Rule Engine

Business Rule Engine

Business rules are configured and tested in fully visual designers in the Decisions Studio. These designers enable users to see, understand, and edit the business rules without writing any code. Business rules can be configured in a number of different formats including: tables, statements, trees and matrixes. Rules can be leveraged within workflows, from other applications using our REST and SOAP API and run on batch/flat file data.

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Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation

Decisions automates workflow processes using an integrated set of graphical tools that allow for the creation of workflows, active forms, system integrations, dashboards and reports without writing code. These designs are built and tested using visual, drag and drop - no code - design tools. Resulting apps are built in a fraction of the time of other methods - and are easier to evolve as the business requirements change.

Industries At Zorbis, we not only cater to the needs of the IT professionals, but being one of the top Decisions Certified Provider in the global market, we deliver productivity-driven business process solutions for all major industries across the globe.


From streamlining billing systems to enhancing data sharing, our Decisions certified team is assisting various healthcare organizations in eliminating administrative hassles.


Automating various processes for the manufacturing industry has been the core focus of our Decisions certified services. We help in manufacturing, businesses Logging, Maintenance, Scheduling, and various other kinds of complexities.

Government/ Public Sector

Zorbis has a number of trusted Decisions certified consultants catering to the public sector. Our consultation services have helped government organizations in eliminating complexities like Licensing Management, Approval Rules, Transportation Workflows, and so on.


One of our core services as Decisions Consultants include developing IT-based solutions for the financial sector. Zorbis’ customer-centric approach combined with intuitive Decisions services are making Loan Origination and Management quick & easy.


Being one of the most experienced Decisions certified providers in the business, Zorbis has been empowering Insurance professionals in managing complex approval rules and formalities with intuitive, graphics-driven software solutions.


At Zorbis, we truly understand that Supply Chain Management is all about being customer-focused. From Shipment management and Transport Billing to Customer Clearance and Order Fulfilment Systems, our Decisions certified services facilitate them all.


Our Decisions certified consultants are modernizing traditional mortgage processes completely. With years of expertise in the IT sector, our solutions have helped mortgage businesses in extending their management and Escrow administration complexities.

Energy / Utilities

At Zorbis We have helped companies manage, monitor and supervise multiple solar installations through a web browser, therefore offering investors an added advantage to receive real time information of their infra-structure.


We have a proven track record of adequately serving construction companies of all sizes across the globe. We help convert critical procedures into the cloud that in turn makes them more predictable and profitable to handle.

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Successfully Automate Your Business with Zorbis' Cutting-Edge IT SolutionsZorbis offers tailored Business IT Solutions to empower your organization. With a focus on innovation, our experts leverage cutting-edge technology, ensuring you remain ahead of the curve. We prioritize cost-efficiency, providing maximum value for your investment. Our scalable solutions adapt to your business's growth while robust security measures protect your data in an increasingly digital world. Trust Zorbis to deliver the IT solutions that propel your business to new heights, leaving you free to focus on what you do best: driving success and growth.
Zorbis offers Game-Changing Managed Infrastructure Services for BusinessesWith a relentless commitment to reliability and performance, Zorbis offers a comprehensive suite of infrastructure management solutions that empower organizations to focus on core operations while leaving IT complexities to experts. From server optimization and network security to cloud integration and 24/7 monitoring, Zorbis ensures seamless, secure, and cost-effective infrastructure operations. Embracing the latest industry trends, Zorbis delivers scalable solutions to meet evolving business needs. Elevate your business's infrastructure to new heights with Zorbis Managed Infrastructure Services, setting the stage for uninterrupted growth and innovation.

About Us Zorbis is a trusted global IT Services company that offers services in the area of software product engineering. Zorbis has built a strong reputation over the last 19 years of serving customers both big and small. Zorbis has a large customer focused global team and we pride ourselves on our premium quality work and outstanding customer service. Since 2003, Zorbis has been a trusted partner for many companies across the globe. We provide effective and flexible software solutions that meet the demands of start-ups, fortune 500 companies and everything in between.


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