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Freeplay Music


FreePlayMusic website is the most trusted production music library which provides the most accessible and easy-to-understand licensing process possible whenever needed. It includes features like High-quality music, World-class customer service, Music Streaming, Video Editing, Music Licensing.

Freeplay Music is Highest Quality Music Library.

Features of Freeplay Music are:
  1. 15000 Songs.
  2. Freeplay Music library will be FREE for use on YouTube.
  3. Search Criteria: User can search music by Artish, composer, Duration, feeling,Publisher, label & more...
  4. User can license a song to use it for your video, project, advertisement, business presentation, movie blockbuster, video game.

Project details

  • Client: Free Play Music
  • Category: Music
  • Technology: ASP.NET
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