Cybersecurity and Virtual CISO Services Fortifying your digital fortresses with comprehensive cyber security and virtual CISO services to safeguard your business, protect your assets, and secure your future.

Is your organization in need of a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to structure and steer your cybersecurity program, but you're concerned about the exorbitant costs?

The average annual salary for a full-time CISO exceeds $500,000, making it a considerable expense. This is where QSG's Fractional or Virtual CISO (vCISO) services come into play.

Our vCISOs are carefully selected cybersecurity experts who offer highly specialized skills at a fraction of the cost associated with a full-time senior executive. They are dedicated to mitigating information risks, fortifying your infrastructure, and crafting a robust cybersecurity strategy.

In essence, QSG's vCISOs provide essential support without straining your entire cybersecurity budget.


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They have successfully served various industries, such as finance, industry, academia, and corporate sectors.

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