Imagine never walking into an empty bar again! It's a social app that lets you know exactly what the bar scene is before you get there and helps you know where the happening scene is tonight.

  • Easy To Use

    It is a stylish and beautifully designed app. No need to go through tutorials, It's easy to use.

  • Find Bars & Restaurants

    Find popular Bars & Restaurants in town. Check how many Girls/Guys are checked-In and make your plans!!.

  • My Plans

    An elegant calendar for you to track and follow your plans. Very easy to share your plans on Facebook.

  • My Friends

    See who all are currently present, send friend requests and create your friends list on the go.

  • Flirts

    Chat or offer to buy drink to someone you are interested in.

Project details

  • Client: SeekMii
  • Category: Social
  • Technology: ASP.NET, Phonegap
  • Web: