3 Common Reasons Why Mobile Apps Fail


Building a successful app in the ever-growing app market is a challenging task. The increasing number of mobile apps doesn’t assure quality. 


It has been reported that more than 50% of mobile apps don’t function well and said to be replaced or rewritten. This fact highlights the underlying issue that mobile app development fails to recognize and strategize on time contributing to their apps to fail. 

Here are four of the most common reasons that mobile apps fail: 

1) Poor Research & Knowledge of your Audience 

This is the most basic mistake that app developers carelessly commit. Remember, often brilliant concept or idea does not make into a great app. You need to do proper research on your competition, learn about your audience and their particular requirements and then strategies according to the findings. Only then you can create an app that is unique and appealing to your audience.

2) Paying no attention to platforms

Whether it is Android app development or iPhone app development (IOS) or any other platform, all operate in different ways. Failing to consider platform-specific details while developing an app can severely affect user experience. If your app is not multi-platform friendly, then it will result in frustrated end users. A little frustration is enough to let the user stop using your app in just less than a minute.  

3) Testing Failure 

It has been found that nearly 55% of IOS-based gadgets face performance failures are due to the inability of developers to perform proper testing. If you don’t test an app appropriately, it’s bound to be full of bugs impacting user experience and as a result, will crash sooner or later. Apps crashing is one of the most negative reviews you will find on app stores. 

Bottom Line

Any mobile app wouldn’t fail if developers have carefully met all the requirements mentioned above. Make sure to avoid the typical mistakes others have done knowingly or unknowingly.

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Posted By Roberto Cruise
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