4 Best Lesser Known Video Hosting Alternatives of YouTube

Whenever the word video comes up, most of us think of YouTube immediately. No doubt YouTube is the largest video hosting site. At the moment, it registers over one billion hours of video watched every day, which is insane. However, YouTube is not the only one video hosting platform to showcase your products or services. There are several lesser known YouTube alternatives that you need to consider. These alternatives offer features that might suit your business upright. Moreover, it is not a piece of cake to get subscribers on YouTube and these alternatives can work in your favor.



 Here are our top 4 alternatives for YouTube that we think are worth your time: 

1. Wistia

 Wistia may be a lesser known option, but it offers some great features that may help in your video marketing tremendously. With a focus on data, customization and integration with third-party services, this video host is dabbed in many skills that aims to suit your business needs in every way. Another stand-out feature Wistia boasts about is its analytics tools that are very impressive, and may be worth the service alone. It also includes a highly customizable player so your videos match your website and brand.  

2. Viddler

 Viddler is another video hosting service that has the extra niche of creating interactive videos. It has options that guides creators on what type of video will be more engaging and create a better experience for viewers. The interactive element to Viddler’s creations can be useful for both reaching externally to customers and internally to your own employees. It will be very helpful in team building, particularly when the viewers have to be involved with what they watch.
3. ShopiCam
ShopiCam is also an interesting socially integrated video uploading site for the purpose of selling a product, entertainment or service. You can upload your video into a specific category to be viewed by potential consumers. Social Networks such as Facebook & Twitter Integration allow you to easily integrate & invite your social network to view your channel and/or send friends offers from your latest video post. 
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4. Brightcove
Your heavy-duty, large-scale video hosting needs are very well covered by this platform. Brightcove has several options for video products, mostly targeting enterprise clients. From monetization services to a full marketing suite, it is all about big business. With more than 5,500 customers across the globe, Brightcove offers a degree of reliability and expertise that sets it apart from many of the newer, up-and-coming video companies.

 Closing Thought

 We hope that this list has shown you that there are a wide range of excellent alternatives to YouTube available online, which are not known to everyone. It is up to you to choose the one that fulfill your specific business requirements.

 Remember having a presence on any of these video sites are not enough – you will need to customize and optimize your channel too. Get in touch if you would like assistance on this from our expert SEO and hire our internet and ecommerce marketing services.

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