4 Must-known SEO Practices for Web Developers; Don’t Miss 4th!

In today’s modernized & smart era, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Web development is majorly intertwined. Due to that, studies said it becomes crucial for Experts of both fields to have a basic knowledge of others. It assists them in boosting the brand image and rendering a better customer experience.


This blog post will learn 5 SEO Practices that a web developer must have known.

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What Do Web developers should know about SEO?


As we know, Web developer is responsible for developing and maintaining websites; relatively responsible for ensuring it should rank in search engines.


Broadly, SEO is categorized into three categories:


1.                        On-Page SEO

2.                        Off-Page SEO

3.                        Technical SEO


Generally, Web Developers play a significant role in Technical SEO practices; but it's not the only thing that they should know. Web developers also assist in creating a better user experience that can prove helpful with on-page & off-page SEO practices.

Here, we will share the top 5 hand-picked SEO Practices that every developer should focus on for better results:


Maintain a Clean Code


There are several amazing factors that developers can do to make things simpler. As we know, convenience is one of the prioritized aspects that a user highly values & demands. Getting quick access to information & eliminating all the ways damages the user experience. Here, a complicated code can drive maximum roadblocks for website visitors.


Keeping the code clean is one of the first & foremost SEO practices for developers. Whenever a user lands on any website, they will be about to take quick decisions, and all it depends upon the website efforts.


Optimum Usage of Accurate Redirects


Presently, websites are quickly evolving where content is instantly updated, and new elements added. This is where developers should ensure the smooth flow of this equation. The end-user is the most crucial concern during the entire cycle, so one must consider how they view your website.

This is where it's significant to know how Redirects are working. Mainly, two redirects affect SEO, including 301 and 302 Redirects. Thenceforth, developers should use these redirects carefully and accurately.



Ensure Mobile-friendly access to the website


Did you know 54.8% of web traffic comes from mobile phones? Therefore, it has become prioritized to offer an amazing mobile experience. Currently, Google is using mobile-first indexing signifies that when the bots crawl your website, they consider the mobile version.

At that time, if your website is not performing well on mobile devices, your website got fewer chances to get a higher rank on SERP. Due to that, it becomes crucial for developers to ensure smooth mobile access to websites.


Ensures Appropriate Follow/No Follow Links


Links work as a language for search engines, so you must speak it fluently. One difference that everyone should know about is Follow and No Follow Links.

Follow Links are backlinks that link a user to the page. This is where, when your website offers a clean backlink; a crawler finds that one webpage witnesses the quality of the other one.  At that time, crawlers still consider no-follow links to understand where they are going, whereas users don't value the link.

From an SEO viewpoint, websites need do-follow links from a reputable website. Therefore, developers must ensure that accurate usage of links perfectly communicates with the audience. 



Well, Boost in Organic Traffic is the only key goal for the majority of websites, so SEO practices for developers are important. An expert web developer generally helps SEO by developing user-friendly websites, but it pays to know SEO itself.

Moreover, basics can help you to make more effective & informed decisions and serve as an amazing experience for your user. Thenceforth, it is significant for developers to know SEO practices.


However, SEO doesn’t have to be complex for web developers, but it can make all the virtual differences to a website’s growth.


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