4 Small Business Web Applications You Must Check Out

 Running a small business requires a lot of time or hard work from your side. To make this time-consuming process a little easier, a good business app is what you need.


You will find a number of productivity apps that can help you to do a small task of keeping a neat to-do list to delegate tasks to employees and take good control over your business expenses. It would be an ideal situation for any company that provides enterprise web solutions.


To help you navigate the seemingly endless sea of business apps, we have compiled a list of our favorite 4 apps and broken them down by category.




QuickBooks is an accounting app that helps in managing the overall financial health of your company.


With its accounting software, you can easily track sales and expenses of your business, views financial statements that include profit and loss reports, pay your employees and vendors, and maximize your tax deductions; and more.


QuickBooks can be connected to your thousands of accounts, such as your business bank account, credit cards, PayPal and Square and uploads data from these sources seamlessly. You can access QuickBooks on your iPhone, iPad, Android phone or Android tablet online.




If you are one of them who tend to waste too much time on digital distractions like Facebook, Twitter, or online shopping, RescueTime is there for your rescue.


It automatically tracks time you have spent on applications and websites and gives you a clearer picture to set productivity goals. A premium version of this app even empowers you to block certain sites, track offline activity, or set notifications.


RescueTime is accessible for Mac, PC, and Linux, and for Android phones. Our enterprise web design experts can make this easy for you if you want to implement the app for your business.




Mobile payment apps have made it tremendously easy and transparent for businesses to accept payments from customers on the go, and they can track business expenses. PayPal grabs the top spot in our list.


PayPal fulfilled the missing element of Square (another payment app) by creating an app that allows businesses to attach PayPal’s card reader to a tablet or other device and use it as a portable register. The PayPal Here app is ideal for businesses that need to get paid instantly.


Each swipe cost a little less in PayPal than Square and it also has some added features, for instance, the ability to process checks, electronic, and payments from a customer’s existing PayPal account.




Trello is one of the best project management apps that let you and your employees stay on the same page with your day-to-day tasks.


The main strength of the app is that it is highly visual. It has a task board, where you can create several lists, and move cards between them as the status of a particular project changes. You can add members, comments, attachments and chat directly on each card.


This app perfectly streamlines workflow and centralizes communication so that you can spend more time actually working and less time figuring out what everyone needs to do.


Final Thoughts


If you are struggling under the weight of your small business, these apps can make life much easier. With the right combination of tools, you can streamline your business processes, simplify your business finances, and save both time and money.


If you have any new app idea that you need to create then our mobile and web application development services are here at your service.


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Hope this information on business web application could help you in any way. Keep reading the space for more news, updates or blogs.

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