5 Cutting Edge Web Design Trends to Follow in 2019


Being visual creatures, we end up judging things with its outer appearance and same we do with a company by evaluating with its web presence and design.


The web design industry is constantly evolving, from algorithm updates to colors and latest design elements. Hence it’s important that you constantly refresh your website to meet the ever-increasing demands of your audience. It’s always better to hire a web design company that are aware of the trends and knows how to incorporate them in the website.


If you are considering giving your website a makeover in 2019, here are 5 cutting-edge web design trends to follow:


1. Mobile Friendly Design


There is no denying the fact that mobile friendly design has now become a necessity for almost every business. Google gives a higher precedence to indexing mobile sites, as compared to those that aren’t mobile friendly. So, it’s no wonder that the mobile first web design trend will continue to shine in 2019 and is expected that the trend will stay on for a long time.


 2. Playful Animations


In 2019, web designers will incorporate animations and micro interactions to breathe life into their websites and make them more engaging. With animations, you can easily convey your message through motion and interactivity. Animations such as scrolling effects, motion graphics, microinteractions, and background videos will definitely catch the attention of users.


3. Video Background


Today, consumers prefer watching videos over text and being said that video background would be the most captivating web design trend in 2019. It is an effective and attention-grabbing tactic to keep visitors hooked to your website for long and convert them into regular customers. When a user stays on your website for longer, it will eventually increase your time on site metric and improve your SEO.


4. Large and Bold Texts


Textual designs are going to take the frond seat when it comes to website design in 2019. Large texts not only grab the attention of a viewer but also provide required white-space in the website design. These screen dominating texts has the power to attract consumers and convert them in the shortest time. It also provides the opportunity for designers to become creative with textual content and they can be used as call-to-action buttons as well. 


5. Organic Shapes


Shapes that easily integrate into a design with bright colors will rule in 2019. There are endless possibilities of using shapes and patterns in web layouts. Web designers can use them for a variety of reasons, such as conveying emotion, explaining concepts, engaging website visitors and more. This year, natural and organic shapes will be used primarily to change the entire look of the website.


Key Takeaways


Staying in sync with the latest web design trends will help keep your business website fresh, engaging and more attractive to your target audience. Now, take your web design to new heights by carefully evaluating these cutting-edge web design trends and determine which trend matter most to your business


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