5 Important Steps To Build Your First Mobile App


At present, there are more than 6 million apps in the App Store and Google Play. Moreover, the numbers are increasing rapidly every day.


There is an app for everything right from tracking your heartbeat, ordering food online to endless DIY apps. Apparently, everything is now available online through application development services.


 In the harsh app development industry that spares no one with its cut-throat competition, building your first mobile app is quite tough.


Here are 5 important steps to help you out and prepare you for a stronger app:


1. An idea that Serves a Purpose


Does your app solve a problem, provide a service, or entertain people?


Why will people use your app is the root question and requirement you need to fulfill to build a useful app. You can not just make an app on a fleeting idea. Your app should provide real value to your user. Once you finalize your idea; define your target users. Do proper research in knowing your audience and make sure your idea alignes with your main target market. Then, move forward.


2) Competition Analysis


You surely don’t want to waste your time and hard work in making an app that is already in the hands of users. That is why it is really necessary to analyze the work of your competitors and compare them with your app. Make sure to check who else is in the field of what you want to do and analyze their performance.


By doing so, you can get a clear idea how to shape your app. Or if the category is already saturated its time to move on and look for another better idea.


3) Validate The App Idea


Validation of your app idea means that you have got something that people want to use.


Validation provides the proof that there is demand and interest for your app.  Create a prototype and give it to users, let them use it and listen clearly to their questions and feedback. Discuss the core features that you want to validate then talk about its details. You can also build a landing page that broadly highlights your app idea and invites users through a signup form.


4) Design Your App


Once you have validated the app idea or concept, the next step is to design the app. Figure out how you want people to use and engage with your app.


Based on the interface, you need to set the user experience and the tone of the application. Put your idea down on paper in detail. Lay out the flow of how the user will navigate and features you want to include in your mobile app. This will also help your developer to clearly understand your expectations.


5) Hire a Designer or Developer


Hire application Development Company that provides excellent app design services. When hiring a developer, go online and check their credibility through the apps they have developed in the past from their portfolio. This will allow you to examine their style and decide whether they would be the right fit for you or not. You can contact them and talk to them directly to see if they believe in your idea and are ready to work for you with the same spirit.


In Conclusion


Creating and launching your first mobile app is an exciting as well as daunting task. One thing is for sure that you want to follow the right path in order to get your first app right recognition if not more.


If you have the idea and validation but not the right designer then Zorbis can help you very well by building your app in the most effective manner. Our application development services include mobile app development and custom app development that help enterprises accelerate their time-to-market and maximize ROI.

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