5 Ways Companies Can Improve Their Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing is constantly changing, but if companies are not participating in it, they are missing out on valuable customers. Over 4.62 billion people are on some form of social media, so companies should prioritize advertising on social media. Businesses can determine their social media strategy by running a social media audit to examine the activity of their competitors and ideal customers. Other digital marketing solutions include setting SMART goals, utilizing search engine optimization, creating mobile apps, and participating in online reputation management. These tasks can be done by the company's marketing department or by an internet marketing services company. This blog post will go over five techniques companies of all sizes and industries can use to improve their digital marketing strategies. Let's get started!

1. Social Media Audits

One significant digital marketing solution that companies can use is a social media audit. A social media audit reviews a company's social media metrics and compares them to those of the business's main competitors. Additionally, the marketing team can examine customer metrics such as age, gender, and interests to determine which social media strategies to use. For example, a company might choose to focus more on Instagram and TikTok if the social media audit determines most of their customers and social media followers are Millennials or Gen Z. A social media audit can also give the marketing team insight on how to grow the company's audience and generate more leads and sales.

2. Setting SMART Goals

Companies can also improve their digital marketing efforts by setting SMART goals. SMART is an acronym that stands for "specific," "measureable," "attainable," "relevant," and "time-based." A SMART goal must meet all of these criteria.

First, the marketing team must set a specific goal with a well-defined outcome. The "specific" stage outlines what needs to be accomplished, who is responsible for it, and the steps needed to achieve the goal. Then, the marketing team determines how the company will proceed with meeting the goal during the "measurable" stage. During the "attainable" stage, the team will determine whether or not achieving the goal is realistic. The "relevant" stage will determine why the company is setting that particular goal. Finally, the "time-based" stage will determine the timeline for completing the goal. Setting SMART goals is important because it helps employees be more productive and has the company drive more meaningful results in its digital marketing strategies

3. Search Engine Optimization

Companies should also use search engine optimization (SEO) in their digital marketing strategies. SEO is the practice of increasing a website's traffic by optimizing relevant keywords. Companies can increase their SEO by using relevant keywords in their social media bios and using the keywords as hashtags in posts. Another way that companies can increase their SEO is by writing blog posts for their websites and posting the links on social media. Conducting SEO is important since most people don't go beyond the first page of search results. The company will gain more website traffic if they appear at the top of search results.

4. Mobile Apps

Companies should also include mobile apps in their digital marketing strategies. Having an efficient mobile app can increase a company's overall visibility. The marketing team can utilize techniques such as push notifications to communicate further with current customers. Other mobile app strategies that digital marketing teams can utilize include creating buyer personas so the company can better understand what demographics are downloading and using the app. Customers who enjoy using the app will tell their friends and family about it, leading to more downloads. For this reason, the team should ensure that the app provides an enjoyable user experience.

5. Online Reputation Management

Companies should also participate in online reputation management. Online reputation management is the process of reviewing and managing the online information available about a company. Conducting online reputation management is important since a negative review or social media post can cause the company to lose out on potential customers. Online reputation management can be conducted by creating and optimizing content that shows up on the first page of search engine results. Having this content show up on the first page is important since most people don't go beyond the first page of search results. Other content that can show up includes social media posts, press coverage, videos, and online reviews.


Having a digital marketing strategy is no longer optional for businesses. In order to survive, companies must adopt digital marketing solutions and strategies. Companies can improve their digital marketing strategies by performing social media audits, setting SMART goals, using search engine optimization, creating mobile apps, and performing online reputation management.

If companies do not have the resources to perform digital marketing solutions, they should hire an internet marketing services company. An internet marketing services company will work with a business to create an efficient digital marketing strategy. Zorbis is a leading digital marketing company that has provided solutions to companies of all sizes and industries since 2003. Businesses all over the world have experienced growth from Zorbis' local internet marketing services. For more information visit Zorbis to schedule a meeting with a team of experts.

Posted By Lauren King
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