Booking Engine

This solution provides the ability to book dive site activities, book a hotel, or book activities and hotel as package.

  • Site admin has the ability to list various diving activities, list hotel, and create packages.
  • Customers have the ability to book activity/hotel/package directly Or they can contact site admin for booking.
  • Admin has the ability to view/edit/approve or cancel activity booking.
  • Admin has also the provision to refund (RMA) the booking amount.
  • Ability to modify any existing booking and recharge the additional amount.
  • Admin has the ability to view and send invoices along with the ability to view and send vouchers, Provide coupons, apply discounts etc.
  • Ability to manage free pickup facility, pickup information can be sent directly to customers via email.
  • Admin has also the ability to add rates to the activities according to various age groups, various categories, etc.
  • Ability to view drill down revenue reports.
  • Admin has also the ability to manage booking agents and also the provision to manage commission for the booking agents.
  • Customers can book online through the booking engine and select the activity according to their age and interest.
  • Email notification and alerts are built into the solution for example on successful completion of a booking, a confirmation email will be sent to the customer.