Boost Sales and Increase Profits With Online Presence

Slightly less than 50 percent of American businesses do not have a web presence. Sounds implausible but it is true. This is happening despite the ever-increasing importance of internet for businesses in all the verticals.  

Your business needs a website.  

Many businesses think of themselves as offline entities and are content with pursuing traditional methods to win over new customers. However, this is a risky strategy, especially when customers are spending more time looking for products and services online. In other words, web plays a vital role in the success of odd businesses--such as plumbers and driving instructors--that have thought of themselves as offline. Unsurprisingly, web presence has always been a crucial part of Zorbis’ business success mantra. 

Having a website is immensely important because it expands your potential markets and makes you more accessible and consumer friendly.
Let’s do a mental experiment. Try to reach out to a billion people through traditional media--newspapers, radio, television, and magazine advertisements. If that sounds too hard, think of starting a 24x7 service center for your existing customers? Not very impressive? How about a shop that earns you every minute of the hour, every hour of the day, and every day of the week? A website allows you to do all of this. 
A website extends your reach to practically everyone connected to the internet (more than 3.5 billion people in 2014), lets you keep an online contact center (email or live chat), and maintain an always-open place where customers can shop during the day and at night. 
And do you know what the best part is?
Working with Zorbis makes you achieve all of the three goals without breaking your bank. We have worked for Fortune 500 companies and we know online marketing inside out. 
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