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 Many web pages are simple today. They have uncomplicated user interfaces that contain little more than navigation tools. This will change soon. 

Cloud is the future. Many companies are discovering that it is less expensive to use cloud than invest in their own IT infrastructure.
Services available in cloud are usually accessed through browsers. Therefore, interface designs which worked well for installable software may not be right for browser windows. Web designers will have to come up with newer ideas.  

This blog suggests three interface tips for designers. These ideas will help them create user-friendly and easy-to-use apps.  

• Keep it simple 
People do not like things they do not understand. They want tools to be simple and intuitive. This is human nature. It is not going anywhere. Therefore designers will have to focus their efforts to create interfaces that are easy-to-navigate and that do not require users to turn to help manuals.
• Keep it intuitive
Let’s imagine a scenario. Your company has created a web based tool. Your users open it. They cannot figure out what they are supposed to do. What do you think their reaction will be? They will close the tab, and turn to Google for alternatives. Intuitive designs, where even new users know what they are going to do, will become more essential. 
• Keep sensible defaults
Users rarely change default settings. It is evident from the fact that most people keep the default fridge settings, never change the ringtone on their phones, or never bother to tweak factory settings on their television sets. Sensible defaults are all the way more important in web user’s interface design, where patience runs low.
Web based services are becoming more popular every day. It has increased the demand for friendlier user interfaces. Designers can keep their UIs user-friendly by keeping them simple, intuitive, and inserting sensible defaults. 
Posted By Zorbis
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