TUESDAY, JULY 22, 2014

Does the right Mobile App Development matter?

 An average person had 32 apps installed on his or her smartphone in 2012. Two years later, this number has increased to 41. A large majority – more than 85 percent according to a survey – of mobile users prefer apps over mobile websites because they are faster, more powerful, and more convenient. This provides an opportunity for businesses to capitalize on this trend. However, it is easier said than done. 

Users are very unforgiving of apps that do not work. Another survey has found that four in five people will try a badly designed or non-functioning app only once or twice before discarding it. Less than 16 percent people would give it a third chance.
Mobile app development offers a promising opportunity for growth. Businesses can benefit enormously if they are tread carefully. It is not exactly rocket science to develop apps that soar into popularity instead of sinking into oblivion. 

There was a study carried out on more than two million apps a few months ago. It includes software created from Android and iPhone app development teams. The study compared what made one-star apps poor quality and what caused people to rate an app as five-star. The study’s results were surprising.

In nearly all of the one-star apps, reviewers mentioned problems with functioning through the use of words – work, time, and fix. These apps were hard to use, they did not work when they were supposed to, and they took a long time to start. 

In stark contrast, reviewers of almost all five-Dstar apps were using adjectives – easy, great, and fun. These reviewers were finding the apps intuitive, easy to use, and fun to utilize. 

This should serve as a lesson. 

Consumers value quality and businesses can only overlook this basic requirement at their own detriment. In other words, the key to building great apps is to infuse them with qualities of intuitiveness, ease of use, and fun.
Zorbis Inc. has been developing mobile applications for enterprise level companies for many years. It has the experience and technology required to build and maintain five-star apps to enterprise-level companies. 
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