eCommerce Website Design: Top 4 Things to Consider for Your UI

eCommerce website design trends, as well as eCommerce sales are evolving each new day. Online shopping website platforms are now the go-to platform for making any kind of purchase. People these days are not only turning towards eCommerce websites for important and costly items but for daily groceries and other small items. The trend is only increasing each new day with new eCommerce marketers coming into the competition. 


  • By the end of 2040, it is anticipated that out of all kinds of purchases across the globe, 95% would be done via different eCommerce websites.  


  • 93.5% of all internet users have made online purchases sometime or the other. 


  • 69% B2B businesses expect to halt printing paper catalogs within the next 5 years.


  • Mobile shopping touched a whopping $2 billion for the first time in 2017 cyber monday sale in 2017.


  • “Shop anytime, anywhere” was found out in a survey to be the top reason for eCommerce and online shopping.  



Here are the top 4 things to consider for UI in your next eCommerce website design project:


#1 Never Over Design


Remember that the goal here is not to show off your web design talent but to shine the identity of your brand and company profile. Overdone eCommerce website designs not only look bad but could easily slow down your sales and profits. Things like fonts, colors, graphics, white spaces, background colors, and so on have to be taken care of very strategically and sharply. 


#2 Brand Identity is Important


Just make sure you follow your brand’s identity while planning your complete eCommerce website design. Your design must reflect what your brand is about and what your products are all about. To stay in the race for a long time, you will have to make sure that your brand is reflected in your overall eCommerce website design. Choose the right color combinations, patterns, effects, and so on that tell something about your brand. 


#3 Define Your Product Categories


Your products have to be there in the right manner. None of it should be hidden or far from the reach of their possible clients. Make sure that the categories of the products in your design are established in a very profound and clear manner. A good product category division helps you in boosting your sales. 


#4 Choose the best eCommerce Website Design Service Provider


To be the best, you have to be with the best. You will have to choose the best eCommerce website design service provider that offers you modern website design features, effects, trends, solutions, and so on in a very cost-effective manner. 




Make sure you consider all of the above mentioned points in your next eCommerce website design project. 


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Posted By Roger Andrews
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