Enterprise Web Design — A Review of 2014

This year is drawing to a close. It’s like to review what changes have come into the world of enterprise web design and where it’s going. 

Being a leader in the world of enterprise web design, Zorbis has the unique advantage to foresee changes and then live through them.
When 2014 began, one of our predictions was that enterprise web design will retain its simplicity and ease of use, while becoming more friendly to handheld internet access devices; such as smartphones and tablet computers. This is indeed what’s happening.
No longer are CEOs browsing the internet from desktops. They are using Android, iPhone, and Windows devices to access the internet, view what is on offer, and make big decisions about their organization. 
Enterprise web design is going in a direction where it will retain its familiarity while at the same time becoming more friendly to users. As far as we can see this trend will continue in 2015. 
A second change in enterprise web design is the rise of content heavy but fast-to-download websites. Content retains its importance and it will remain vital to enterprise marketing through the next year.
Finally, and this is a big change, many enterprises are outsourcing their web design requirements. Web design has become so complicated that even the largest enterprises often struggle to muster adequate human and material resources to create a web design that projects the image they want to present to others. Instead they hiring reputed firms that can handle enterprise web design. As a first-hand beneficiary of this change, we are both content and hopeful that this trend will intensify in the next year.
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