Four Advantages of Responsive Web Design for Your Enterprise

Responsive Web design is one of the simplest ways to reach users across multiple devices, as it responds to a user’s environment, screen size, platform, and orientation. But how does this help your business? Having an adaptive design sounds good, but is it truly necessary? 

We think it is! Here is a short list of the compelling benefits of responsive web design: 


More Mobile Traffic 

As consumers, our internet access is no longer limited to our computers. We are walking around with continuous access to the internet, and your company’s content. Have you ever visited a site on your phone or tablet and the design just seemed off? Words and images just weren’t in an appealing location? Did you stay on this site, or did you navigate away? If your web design is responsive, then your website will easily adapt to multiple device formats. Resulting in more viewership and a decreased bounce rate. 


Excellent User Experience

 Responsive design is all about providing a consistent and smooth user experience. As mentioned above, your visitors are not going to stay on your site if the layout and content isn’t visually appealing. Hire an enterprise web design expert to keep your visitors satisfied, your bounce rates low and your website responsive. 


Improved SEO 

As a business, you want people to easily find your website and convert. This requires a strong SEO game, which having a responsive design can help with. Because it is adaptable, a responsive design website only has one URL instead of one for each version. This not only helps you reduce content duplication, but also helps search sites like Google and Bing effectively index your site, resulting in better search rankings.


Costs Less and Easy to Maintain 

As mentioned above, a responsive web design means you have one single web resource that is optimized for all devices. Updates only need to be done on one website, not for each version of the website. Managing one resource, instead of many, saves time, money and your sanity.



Building a website that is 100% responsive is not a big challenge if you hire responsive web design services. As a leading professional web design company, Zorbis specializes in growing the online presence of enterprises like yours. Hire our expert web design expert to make your website look perfect on all screens.  Our highly experienced designing team will provide their assistance, no matter what website issue you face!

Posted By Meghan Hall
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