MONDAY, MAY 04, 2015

Google Wants Mobile Friendly Websites – What Can Your Business Do Now?

 It was expected and it has happened. Google has started rolling out its new algorithm. This time, it is not content farms that are being targeted. Instead, the focus is on websites that do not display correctly on mobiles. 

While marketeers are still arguing how big of an impact Google’s new algorithm has had have on mobile results, there is a consensus building up that a small number of mobile-friendly websites are improving their ranking.
The writing is on the wall: Make your website mobile friendly, or perish.
While the warning may sound ominous, small businesses can benefit a lot if they use the next few days wisely.
Mobile is the future. There is no doubt about it. The right strategy is to adapt to it now, instead of a year later.
But why now?
For one simple reason: Large businesses that did not have mobile optimized websites will take time to change themselves. They will have huge infrastructures that will need porting.
You can out-speed them if you are a small or a medium-size business. It will be easier for you to make your website mobile friendly, improve your ranking on Google, and dominate it.
If you continue to deliver quality content and top notch products, it will be hard for the big boys to dethrone you when come back.
How can you make your website mobile friendly right now?
Focus on the pages that matter most and consult a web designer company to optimize them for handheld devices. It is faster and more efficient than making your entire company website rearranged.
Just in case, if you are thinking how effective optimizing a few pages will be, read the fine print.
Google’s new algorithm does not rank websites, but web pages. So an optimized web page can rank even if the rest of your website is not mobile friendly.
Is it a lost case if you are an enterprise?
No, it is not.
You will need to consult an enterprise web design company right now. The Google’s change is exceptional and you need exceptional measures now.
Zorbis is an enterprise web design company with many years of experience. It can help you maintain your current position—or improve it—on mobile.
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