TUESDAY, MAY 12, 2015

How Your Enterprise Can Adapt to the Changing Web

Web application development is fast evolving. New libraries and tools are emerging every day.

The big question is: Should enterprises care?
According to a group of researchers observing the world markets and IT, the answer is “yes.” The group has predicted that in the coming years, software will decide whether an enterprise shines to corporate glory or becomes a part of history.
For good or for bad: Change is going nowhere. You cannot escape it. The only way to counter it is to adapt. For non-tech enterprises, adaption is not easy.
The sheer volume of evolution is so humongous that companies struggle to decide where to invest their resources. This blog has some answers.
Let’s Go Mobile
Smartphones and tablets have taken the world by storm. Google’s latest data confirms what was long anticipated—more people now access internet from handheld devices than desktop computers. Your enterprise can take a cue from the trend.
A way to start out is to direct your resources for enterprise web solutions to creating websites that work with different devices and screen resolutions. The earlier you adapt; the more advantage you’ll have because the number of devices and screen resolutions will only go up.
Your customers can reject you for your competitors if they can’t access your website from mobile. Think over it. First, go mobile. It’s the most important trend you’ll need to adapt to. An enterprise web development company can help you in it.
Secure Your House
A recent study has revealed that 96 percent web applications are vulnerable because they contain at least a “serious vulnerability.”
Team up with an enterprise development company whose programmers are well-versed in security standards and take protection of your and your clients’ data seriously.
Cyber attacks are increasing. Being vulnerable means a damage to your brand and, probably, financial hardship for your company. Employ the latest and most robust security measures as you go mobile.
Web development is changing. You enterprise will have to adapt to it to survive. Start out with going mobile and making your web services more secure if you are unsure where to start.
For comprehensive advice on how to adapt to the fast-changing web, you can contact us on 214-441-1309. We are an enterprise web solutions services provider with many years of experience and a long list of reputed clients.
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