Improve Your Facebook Marketing Strategy with These 3 Tips

The minute we as marketers and business owners start assuming that we have our Facebook marketing strategy all figured out, a major algorithm change is announced or a new trend arrives in the market.

Over the years, we have become accustomed to this practice and learned that the best way to reach our audiences on Facebook is to understand their mindset, experiment constantly, and be open to learning. This also presents an exciting opportunity for businesses and brands on Facebook to make a necessary change and experiment with their digital marketing strategy.

Here are my 3 biggest tips that will help your Page improve engagement and reach starting today:

Focus on The Return On Investment (ROI)

One thing that marketers don’t pay much attention is the ROI of each Facebook post.

The Facebook posting frequency is mostly based on quality vs. quantity. In the past, the quantity approach worked for hundreds of Business Pages. However, this approach doesn’t work any longer, and in fact, might be decreasing the effectiveness of all of your Facebook content.

Seeing this downfall, Facebook Pages such as HubSpot have shifted their Facebook marketing strategy to focus on tactics that works such as producing more viral videos and images. Social media channels are the platform, where people consume content, interact, shop and do so much more.

Learning a lesson from here, a large part of your new and improved Facebook marketing strategy should include engagement, interacting with your audience, and increasing the ROI of each post, instead of simply broadcasting your message.

Give What Your Audience Like

Understand the science behind why people share online. It has been observed that people have some specific needs and triggers to that make them get engaged to the content, it mainly include valuable and entertaining content, building relationships, presenting ourselves to others, self-fulfillment and spreading information about any product, issue or service.

It comes with no surprise that some of the most viral content on Facebook is related to food, animals, fashion, humor and beauty.

Many popular brands are creating content that is centered on people’s desire to connect and share interesting things with their friends and family. Your Facebook marketing strategy also needs to crate content that acts as a reminder for your audience about the special place their relationship holds in their heart.

Optimize Your Content for Mobile Consumption

More than 95% of Facebook users access it from their mobile device, which means that it’s time for us to start evolving our Facebook marketing strategies for mobile on the first place.

One of the biggest factors driving this change is vertical video viewing, a format which reflects natural user behavior. The other major factors to consider when optimizing your content for mobile are video length and caption length.

As per Buzz Sumo, optimal video length on Facebook is mainly between 30-120 second that implies that your videos should be no longer than 2 minutes. Your captions should be smart enough to not reveal but arouse the curiosity to get engaged with the content. Also, keep your captions short and sweet as to not distract users from your ultimate goal.

In Conclusion

How are you feeling about your Facebook marketing strategy moving forward? If you think you need to revise it then these tips will help you a great deal.

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