Industry Leaders Shares Their Secrets to SaaS Startups- Part 1


The software as a service (SaaS) management has invaded the business world. Today, more SaaS startups are growing rapidly everywhere and so are the number of Cloud service providers.


Multiple reasons contribute to its increasing popularity that primarily include: it’s easy to start and operate, it is cost-effective, and is readily accessible. However, these factors don’t guarantee success to your SaaS business. Hence, these insights from the industry experts will certainly be a great help for building a successful SaaS business s they are tested and tried. 

Let us look at the 3 of them to take lessons from:


1) Building Relationships 


Daniel Kushner, CEO of Oktopost put great emphasis on making a genuine effort to connect with your customers and audience. Being accessible and transparent is the key. It is the first stage of your SaaS startup. In other words, you are the face of your brand, not your logo or a press release. You need to build trust, relationship, and respect among your team members that ultimately will strengthen your market image. Be as authentic as many leaders in the industry lack it.


2) Focus Less on Freemium Model 


Many SaaS providers have adopted the freemium approach by getting inspired by the success stories of DropBox and Evernote to kick- start the things and spread the word. According to Arie Shpanya, CEO of Wiser, this strategy can be misleading. Of course, Freemium is a great way to test your product and find out what your customers want. But it is more rewarding to first to learn how to sell and deliver the product efficiently. It will help you transform Freemium users into paying customers early.


3) Client Retention Matters 


Simon Grabowski, CEO of ClickMeeting advises that retaining customers is more challenging than finding new ones. A successful SaaS startup requires a profound understanding of the behavior of the client by evaluating their online experience. There should be a proper and separate marketing channel managed to target clients individually. The main goal here is to sustain your existing client as they are the most consistent, easiest and not to forget the most profitable source of revenue. 


If your SaaS start-up strategy doesn’t include these factors, then it is time to reevaluate it and start working on these expert tips. We will come shortly with the next three expert secrets of building a SaaS startup. Till then keep reading the space and for any information on Enterprise Cloud Managementget in touch with us online. 


Posted By Roberto Cruise
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