Need to update your enterprise iOS app? Ask your developers to update Xcode first!

For enterprises, security is usually near the top of the list of requirements when it comes to hiring programmers for iOS development. However, security is tricky and hard to achieve. In fact, sometimes things can take such a bad shape that an individual developer--no matter how experienced and intelligent he or she might be--turns into from an actor to a spectator. What can enterprises do in such circumstances?
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We are talking about the recent attack on App Store in China, where a hacker managed to sneak in malware in the Chinese version of the App Store and infect many—no one knows the exact number—apps. There are some high-profile victims, such as WeChat and Angry Birds, and probably thousands of less popular applications. Your app could be among those affected if it is available in China. Even if it is not, it is time you proactively raise security barriers to keep your commercial data and information on your clients secure. Thankfully, there are several ways you can do it.
First, ask you developers to validate their installation of Xcode before allowing them to make any changes in the code of your enterprise iOS app. Apple has recently launched a series of instructions for developers. Your techies should have no difficulty locating them over the Internet.
Second, if you have an in-house team of iOS developers, make sure they are following the security procedures in place. Most companies have developed elaborate security guidelines and sticking to them alone reduces many security risks.
Third, if your team of developers is not local—it can be in some other part of the U.S. or in India—ensure that the team follows the stringiest security standards in place.
Fourth, there are things—such as this App Store hack—that neither you nor your developers have any control over. For instance, the recent hack potentially infects more iPhones than all the Android phones ever infected. So it is big. Your can prepare for contingencies like these by working with companies, such as Zorbis, with a solid experience in security enterprise-grade iOS development. They can keep your guard from falling off even in extreme circumstances.
To sum up, security is a major component of enterprise-level iOS development. Make sure you never compromise on it by working with reliable and experienced developers.

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