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Optimize Your SaaS Website with These 4 SEO Practises


SaaS revenues is expected to reach $85 billion in 2019 and by 2021, could revenue will total $278 billion. 


This tremendous growth is sure to cause competition in the space, making it challenging to the companies to generate leads, increase conversion rates and acquire new customers. 


The good news is that there are a number of helpful digital marketing tools that can help SaaS providers companies lead the competition and accomplish their short-term and long-term goals. The one we are talking about today is SEO, which is an integral part of any successful digital marketing strategy. 


Here, we share with you four of the most effective SEO best practises that will boost visibility and profits for SaaS websites:


Update Your Keyword Strategy 


In order to make your audience to find you online, make sure to use their language when developing a keyword strategy for your SaaS website. Avoid using technical terms your customers aren’t familiar with and stay away from inventing your own jargon. Rather, think about the solutions your audience is searching for and build your strategy around those terms. It is better to make a balanced combination of incorporating short competitive keywords and less competitive long tail keywords. 


Leverage User Intent 


User intent is the goal that a person has in mind when they are looking for something of interest. SaaS providers have to look for your user’s intent behind the search and creating keywords around it. And in case of SaaS websites, most of the organic search traffic they receive is from prospects that aren’t quite ready to buy. The intent behind their search is to compare solutions and gather information. By adjusting your SEO marketing strategy to consider this intent, users are more likely to stick around and engage with your content. 


Highlight Benefits, Not Features 


The reality is that users are not looking for your service’s features like the tools you offer or how the product works. They are searching for solutions that fulfil their needs. When you create your content, focus on providing solution to solve their problems rather than promoting your products or services. Create your content and includes relevant keywords to ensure users can find your company online and like what they see so that they stick around, engage with your site, and boost your rankings.


Prioritize user experience


Today, it’s not about acquiring traffic through any means possible, your website needs to give users a positive experience, because that will translate to earned metrics that drive high rankings, high click-through rates, low bounce rates and increased time spent on the site. To engage your audience in the SaaS space and give them a seamless user experience, we recommend posting engaging images and videos, responding to buyers’ questions quickly and providing clear next steps that allow them to efficiently move through the sales process.


Final Thoughts


SEO is an ongoing process and require continuous analysis of the strategy, but following the tips we have outlined above will put you on the path to driving more website traffic, increased brand recognition, and loyal customers. 


Feel free to lean on the experts here at Zorbis if you have additional questions or if you need help working on improving your SaaS website’s SEO. We provide digital marketing for businesses and provide world class Enterprise Cloud Management services. To know more, you can contact us at 214-441-1309 or email us all your requirements at 

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