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Predictions for the year 2015: What’s in it for web design professionals?

It is indispensable to keep advancing with changing times, especially in the IT industry where people come up with new discoveries and drifts every single day. 2015 is definitely going to be a year for the web designers and there is so much new and exciting they can incorporate in design now. Keeping focus on core areas but not shying away from some daring innovations, 2015 could well be the year for a major design revolution.

The designers, old and new need to shift focus to these steps and tips in order to achieve websites that are trendsetting, and SEO heroics!
Key areas that need to shine on:

The most annoying thing in any website is the loading time the pages take. The viewers would rather look for another option than wait around. An amazing example of spot on URL changes is NBC News. It’s faster than an eye-blink, literally and this needs to be incorporated by any web design and development company or design individual planning to make a mark in the industry.
The reverse trend psychology 
We know how the ‘hero’ image in the centre of the page works. It does grab eyeballs, while also explaining the mood/theme of the website adequately. However, realizing that everyone in the industry is simply copy-pasting this format, there is need for change. Increasing white space, photo grid use, bold splash of colors and original graphics are hence tasteful and welcoming! 
If you absolutely have to go the ‘hero’ image way, make sure that you at least use a customized image. A recent research report has revealed that how many clients across the internet are using the exact same images through various photo buckets. Believe me, the audience is intelligent enough to know the difference between an original and stages image, so you will have to be careful.
The experience
The hottest trend in design these days is to make it more of an experience than a website landing page. There are several examples of firms that have converted the idea of a “hero image” to a colorful mélange of an experience throughout the website. It is extremely appealing to customers. You may use these simple pointers to build a seamless body of work for a professional design company. 
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