The Rapidly Increasing Craze of Mobile Apps & Games Development Services

 The rise of smartphones has greatly impacted the mobile app industry. The progressive growth in the app development market brings a surge in smartphone users and around 3 billion and 1.35 billion in tablet users. 

 According to a survey in the US, a mobile user usually checks their phone 80 times a day approximately. A comparison was made between television and mobile usage, the results depicted that people are more glued to mobile phones than TVs.

 Now the question is: Why people always peep into their phones? What do they do?   

 With a growing number of brands in the market, we get to see a new mobile phone in the market every day. This is undoubtedly increasing the number of users at a remarkable rate. 

 Today’s smartphones provide users with unlimited features, functionalities, and vast storage space to download multiple applications of their interest. Mobile apps have made jobs easier and eliminated the need for carrying laptops everywhere even to send an email. Be it a Utility, Business, Games, Education, Lifestyle, Entertainment, or other genre, mobile app development service providers in the present era are alongside application specific technologies. They have made the development of every app possible. 


 Mobile Games Development 

 Did you know that the number of global mobile gamers is expected to grow by 2.7 billion by 2021? 

Asia ranked top to gain the biggest gaming market with more than $41 billion in revenue.  

Gamification has become a part of today’s business models and providing all sized enterprises a key to reach audiences innovatively with striking gaming mechanisms in applications. The times have changed the user’s preferences and this has encouraged mobile game developers to push their limits and develop gaming apps with the current trends integrated such as Cloud, Augmented Reality, Blockchain, Multiplayer, and more. Gamers around the globe are increasing day by day, this led mobile game developers to come up with unique advanced gaming applications of all genres like Casual, Puzzle, Arcade, Action, Racing, Simulation, Board Games, and more. 

The list of top earning mobile games includes Pokémon Go, PUBG, Honor of Kings, and more. Smooth touch controls, graphics, story driven gameplay, cloud data syncing, add-ons, and other elements have made these gaming apps become the market leaders. 

Mobile Applications Development 

It is estimated that mobile application downloads grow by 352.9 million by 2021.   

The cut throat competition is realizing the need for robust business applications. While developing mobile applications, UI and UX play a vital role in enhancing customer experience. Whether the app development need is for a single platform or more, mobile app development companies leverage proven techniques and solutions to develop out of the box applications for your business. 

Competition in the mobile app market is fierce, however out of all categories  Social media applications rank top with 223 million WhatsApp downloads and 209 million Facebook Messenger downloads.

The technological world has been deriving revenues to businesses by helping them get different types of modern apps developed such as Native, Hybrid, and Web. Mobile app and game development is the process of building trending platforms to engage users, expand the customer base, and grow. 

Experts with specialized mobile app development expertise design great interfaces, build flexible and scalable applications and games tailored to business needs keeping in mind the interests of the target market.  

Bottom Line 

The advancements in mobile application development are on the rise and this has caused businesses to embrace the technology rich applications. The cloud driven applications, 5G, and other wearable technologies will make the future of mobile apps bright. To fuel your businesses success, investment in Android and iPhone app development is a must. 

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Posted By Silvia Smith
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