Three Digital Marketing Trends Enterprises Absolutely Need to Know

Digital marketing is evolving so fast that sometimes even experts find it hard to stay up-to-date. This is especially a problem in enterprises where information is slow to percolate to decision makers perched at the top. However, that does not mean a solution does not exist. In this post, Zorbis brings a summary of the latest digital marketing trends for busy internet marketeers in large companies. It is hoped that the summary will help you get onboard and grow familiar with the latest trends in the digital marketing world—all in less than a minute.

Consumers Want You to Share Content Online

A recent survey by Insights in Marketing has some key findings. Nine out of 10 clients want your brand to share trustworthy content online. They want fewer hollow proclamations and more meaty content that is of immediate use to them. Here are more interesting bits to come out of the study:

  • Nine out of 10 consumers take their business to enterprises with similar values

  • Three quarters of consumers have faith in objectively written content

  • Seven out of 10 consumers want to know a brand through serious content, not fluffy ads

  • About 58 percent of consumers say they trust editorial content

Consumers Want You to Go Mobile

Sounds a cliché? Well, it is. Zorbis always recommends its enterprise clients to focus on mobile because today that is where the big money is. In fact, a shade less than eight in 10 people have discovered at least one new business through their smartphone. Here are more eyeopener statistics on mobile and your business:

  • 39% of consumers will look around for a new business if they cannot find you on their mobile

  • More than seven out of 10 consumers will say “Sayonara” if your mobile website is slow to load

  • One in three people leave when a mobile website is hard to navigate

  • And contrast this with: 72% of consumers say a well-designed websites makes a good impression.

Consumers Want Mobile-friendly Ads from You

Thinking what in the world a mobile-friendly ad is? Well, it is what the name suggests—an advertisement that sends out the right message to potential clients on their phones. Surprisingly, merely 10% of existing ads are available in a mobile-compatible format. Ignoring mobile-friendly ads can have big consequences for your digital marketing strategy. You may fail to deliver the message with it full impact. Or, you may leave a poor impression on your clients. These things matter a lot when you are creating ads for an enterprise.

This was it for the day. For more up-to-date stuff on digital marketing and its relevance for enterprises, keep coming to us.

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