Three Factors to Shape Mobile Application Development in Next Five Years

 In economic terms, what mobile application development services are offering is no longer new. It is no more 2007, when Apple launched App Store and iPhone app development took off. Today, apps have gone mainstream. They are talked about by everyone and used by a large number of people and businesses.

Eight years after the launch of App Store, many companies are convinced that they need apps because smartphones are changing the way humans do business.
An entire industry has sprung up to cater to this high demand for apps from businesses. SMEs, enterprises, and even startapps are paying mobile application development services to make them ready for the mobile era. If there was a time to be an app developer, it is now.
The entire Android and iPhone app development industry is undergoing a revolution. This trend is likely to go unabated over the next five years. The factors that will shape the industry during this period will be:
Globalization: The U.S. and Australia are the only two countries in the world where businesses pay mobile application development services more than $100 an hour. This is going to change because of stiff competition from India, Southeast Asia, and Eastern Europe.
Cross-device Development: The rise of smart homes and smart cars is changing the face of industry. App developers will have to retool themselves to create app for cars, televisions, refrigerators, and entire homes.
Demand: The demand for app makers is unlikely to go down. Instead, it will keep its upward march, even as profits on average app decline.
Together these three factors have the potential to change the whole nature of mobile application development.
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