Three Qualities of an Enterprise Level Web Design

 In this blog Zorbis lays out three essential qualities of an enterprise level website: 

Nothing trumps usability when it comes to enterprise level web design. When user, who can be anyone from an employee to a client, comes to an enterprise website, he or she comes to solve a problem. The problem can be to check new updates on a project from your team lead or the company CEO; or, if you are a customer, to find a local brick-and-mortar office. 
Zorbis’ is of the view that enterprise level websites with a focus on usability let their users solve their problem without getting in the way. They may not have all the bells and rings commonly associated with more flashy websites, but they serve a purpose and do it well.
Although usability is crucial in successful enterprise level web design, visuals cannot take the back seat. Zorbis strongly recommends its clients to stress on visuals because irrespective of how useful their website is, if it comes with a 1990s HTML-esque design, many users will go away disappointed. In other words, an enterprise stands to lose business if its website is not professionally designed. It is safe to say that if usability helps users, visuals enhance their experience - make it more aesthetic. 
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
There are more than four billion websites on the internet. When internet users looks for a term, search engines browse through a large number of them to produce results. SEO can help search engine produce better results. Zorbis recommends its clients to stress on SEO because it improves their visibility immensely. And when it comes to cost, they are miniscule compared to advertising on TV while the NBA is on.
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