Three Sins of Enterprise-level Digital Marketing

Many enterprises do it. They are constantly trying to promote their latest products at all costs. They interrupt readers with ads, trick them into filling out forms and do all sorts of things to enlarge their databases. For them, it is a necessity. But customers do not share their concern. So when enterprises bug them, they take their business to another place. What is it that makes your customers take their business to your competitors? There are plenty of things that enterprises do wrong but the three of them that you will find in this blog are not only wrong but the sins of internet marketing.
Make People Feel Bad about Themselves
Though many marketing people will disagree, slowly top enterprises are coming to the realization that it is not always good to make people feel bad. For instance, many health services will hire models who can make even healthy people feel bad about themselves. Though this strategy may work in the short run, in the long run (given America’s increasing awareness about social issues) it can come to bite you. A safer way is to be honest and offer the solutions that you can deliver.
Promote Cultural Stereotypes
There have been some high-profile backlashes against companies who promoted cultural stereotypes on TV and on social media. For instance, many brands make the mistake of hiring attractive female models to target wealthy male customers. It may have worked 50 years ago, but today, you are more like to get a backlash from liberals and feminists. A simple solution is to share messages that promote diversity and tolerance.
Excessive Marketing
This is probably the easiest one for marketeers. There are several studies that show that posting more than three messages in a day can harm your brand’s reputation. Yet, there is no dearth of companies who keep on posting—as if Facebook optimization was not different from buying airtime on TV. Social media is unlike any other media before and enterprises often need assistance from experts.
To sum up, if you are an enterprise and if you use social media, never use cultural stereotypes, never make people feel bad about themselves and never indulge in excessive marketing.
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