Three Ways to Make Content Marketing More Effective

You can increase the ROI on content marketing through many ways. The key is to focus on strategies that increase your revenues and bring down costs.
Write it Down
Documenting your strategies alone can increase the effectiveness of your marketing by 60 percent. Some 30 percent digital marketers report success in their efforts, but this number rises to 48 percent when strategies are properly documented.
You do not have to write book-length reports on your plans. A couple of pages that answer the right questions are adequate. Writing down answers to these questions may help you start your documentation:
Who is your ideal client?

  1. Which social medial channels will you use to reach out to your customers?
  2. Who will be the people responsible for creating and marketing your content?
  3. What are the metrics you want to keep track of?
  4. How will you measure ROI?

Include a Call of Action
Did you know that 70 percent of small businesses do not include a call to action on their home page? Although Zorbis does not recommend enterprises to add a promotional message to every piece of content, there should be something on each page of your website, in your each of social media posts that will tell a customer what he or she can do next. That small piece of information will be the call to action. Do not worry because it is not tough. You can connect to Zorbis’ digital marketing team if you need assistance.
Define Success
You do not want to be like the guy who did not know where he wanted to go, so someone suggested him, “Any road will take you there.” Nearly four in five successful B2B marketers are clear about their goals and have a fair idea of what their marketing strategy will look like. And this is what makes them so successful. On the contrary, nearly 77 percent unsuccessful marketers fail to define their goals and are vague about their marketing plans.
To succeed in today’s digital marketplace, you need to have a clear strategy that reduces costs and increases revenues, put emphasis on calls of action and define success before your dive in.
Zorbis has been helping enterprises in the U.S. and worldwide improve their ROI on social media through content marketing. It can also help your enterprise. Connect to them through EMAIL or PHONE and get ready for massive success.

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