Top 3 Brands That Are Crushing The Social Media Game


You must be aware of the importance of quality social media marketing to run a successful business. 


But, do you know what quality social media posts actually look like and how to create them?


There is no formula for a perfect Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat account because every company works differently. However, there are a few general guidelines that are proven to help capture a larger fan base and many of the Ecommerce marketing services are using in their favor. 


Let’s take a quick look to the profiles of some of today’s biggest brands who seem to have figure out this whole social media game.




Nike is popularly known for shoes, apparel, and sports equipment, but on social media, they are known for something much deeper. This brand has mastered the art of connecting to their audience by focusing on inspirational stories that are specifically designed to uplift their followers. Nike also leverages videos to bring inspiration and strengthen audience connection. When it comes to your business connecting and relating to your customers, learn from Nike. 




Amazon has truly utilized the social media platforms that allow businesses to target their content in order to reach the specific audience that will best fit their desired demographic. Their social media posts consist of inspirational stories that is more than a simple sale and they never fail to point out their charitable causes to remind consumers that they care about the important things in life. In this way, they strike a chord with the general public. 




Oreo is known for its agile marketing strategy. Aside from being funny and having great timing, Oreo also managed to stay relevant by connecting their posts to current events. People react to wit and humor and Oreo has definitely learnt the knack of tuning their content in sync with their audience’s desire sticking to a topical moment. The brand also is very active on creating and sharing content that is eye catching and shareable.  


To Conclude 



One common thing that these three brands have that they have stroked a chord with audiences that goes deeper than a simple persuasion to purchase a product. When this level of connection is prioritized, the desire to purchase will inevitably follow.


We hope that these three brands have inspired your business to step up your own social media game. If you want some help in this process, we have the right digital marketing team that will create the perfect social media campaign for your brand.

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