Top 3 Elements of Website Design to Inspire Your 2021 Strategy

 With the growing technological evolution and the constant race to stay on top, the emergence of new web design elements and innovations are inevitable. Each year, we witness new design trends some rising over others, and it becomes challenging to keep up with them all. 


2020 is nearing the end and we are heading toward 2021, another year of promising website design trends. It's only logical that you should be eager and ready to update your website with the current trends to keep it booming and gain successful user interactions.


To stay relevant to your audience, you need to monitor their behavior and their experience while engaging with your website. It will help you improve your design and marketing strategies, along with your brand's reputation. 


If you are in a rush to decide the website design trends you should focus on in 2021, don't worry. We are here to help. Let's look at the top three elements that you need to incorporate in your website design to stay ahead of the upcoming year's competition.


Mobile Friendly Design 


A mobile friendly website is not a trend but a requirement. Over 50% of all online searches have taken place through a mobile device as of January 2019, it is obvious a website that is not mobile optimized will lose at least half of its visitors. 


In addition, Googlebot has started doing mobile first indexing for all new web domains. This means that Google is prioritizing mobile websites over desktop versions. If you are new to having a website, then create a mobile friendly web design. If you already have an existing website you can either opt for a mobile version that consists of the same information or redesign the whole website with a responsive design. For best results, hiring a professional enterprise web design expert will be a valuable decision.


Intuitive navigation 


Did you know, it takes about 50 milliseconds (0.05 seconds) for viewers to form an opinion about your website? This minute fraction of time is all you have to make a striking first impression. If they decide to stay, you are required to provide the smoothest navigation possible.


Your website design must allow the visitor to instinctively know where to click or scroll to find the information they are looking for. They should be able to move between different pages without trouble. If your website's navigation confuses the user, they will undoubtedly leave and move on to another website with a more responsive design. 




Less is more! Most businesses attempt feature rich designs on their websites because they believe it will help engage potential customers. However in reality, it does the opposite. 


After observing the users' behavior, it has been found that your website's complex visuals are most likely to affect your customers' site navigating experience negatively. It is imperative to take time and understand what your potential consumers are looking for. In most cases, people like to explore a neat and organized website as it is less overwhelming. Extra features or information may cause distraction and confusion. By following a minimalist approach in your web design, you can focus on enhancing your site's quality and avoiding distracting elements.




Website design has transformed tremendously over the years and has pushed for futuristic technological advancement. If your website looks the same as it did five years ago, then your website is in dire need of a redesign. Whether you choose to do it alone or sit down with an Enterprise Web Design Expert, make sure to keep these three elements in mind to incorporate in your website. These elements will make your website as effective as possible for customers. 


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Posted By Tim Paige
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