Top 4 Creative Digital Marketing Lessons from Top Brands


Digital marketing is the field that keeps on changing and introducing new things that makes it challenging for marketers to examine what works or what not works. 


In order to make a killer digital marketing strategy for your business, you need to continue re-evaluate your strategy to stay fresh and current. The best way to know what will work on your favor and how to execute a digital marketing strategy is to look at the brands that are making noise in the digital marketing world and learn for them.          


We have put together a list of top 4 brands that are acing their digital marketing strategy with the lesson you should learn from: 


1) Zappos 


Zappos is the best customer-centric company known for its great customer service. Being a leading shoe e-commerce brand, Zappos doesn’t sideline the important of human contact and had created their digital marketing strategy around that only.


Zappos provide 365-day money back guarantee along with free shipping both ways. These customer-friendly policies appeal to consumers that shoppers can’t resist from praising the brand and recommend others to buy from here. 


Lesson to Learn: For companies who provide ecommerce marketing services, make sure you listen to your audience and plan accordingly. 


2) Airbnb


Airbnb has changed the way we travel and look for accommodations. The site has a strong hold on social media boasting now more than 150 million users.


Their digital marketing strategy relies primarily on user-generated images and videos on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that highlights the cities and properties in its stable. Their Instagram campaign matches humor with compelling images of different travel locations around the world, making it more than just a service, making it a travel forum as well.


Lesson to Learn: Let users get involved in your digital marketing process raise the demand for your product or service. 


3) Domino’s 


The four-fifths of Domino’s sales come from digital channels. The fast food chain has strived to make its user experience as fun and frictionless as possible, making easy for customers to order from whatever channel they choose. 


Their main goal is to make their pizza as easy to order as possible from any tech hardware such as- Facebook Messenger Chatbot, Twitter, Amazon Alexa, and Slack. By capturing the various attracting online custom apps, they are not just boosting their sales but also benefitting from these emerging technologies. 


Lesson to Learn:  Choosing the right communication channels or platform says a lot about your brand as well. 


4) Jet Blue 


Nobody wants to follow a company that can’t stop talking about itself and give less importance to post something of real value and that is what Jet Blue, a popular airline company is completely aware of. 


Instead of using Twitter to post fare discounts and special offers, the company uses its handles to provide fast and easy customer service. If you go and look at its Twitter handle, you will find that nearly all the messages in the company’s feed include @replies, which is highly unusual in the world of self-promoting social media marketing for businesses.


Lesson to Learn: Balance self-promotional materials with the information that followers can actually use, and respond to users whenever they interact with your web profiles to build trust. 


In Conclusion 


It takes considerable time, effort and, most importantly, knowledge to execute a successful digital marketing strategy that connects with your customers, increases your brand awareness, and skyrockets your revenue. 


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