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Top 5 iOS App Development mistakes You Must Avoid in 2021

What's the most intolerable thing than having a rejected buggy mobile app? Well, it's quite time-wasting to repeatedly scroll 1-star rating application. However, it heavily costs both the company & developer’s career.

Presently, iOS stand-out as 2nd leading mobile operating system worldwide. Even though, it has more than 85% adoption rate on its updated version amongst users. In such a situation, the majority of users have high expectations from iOS development. And, developers have no chance to make any single mistake in an app update.

If you want to develop a successful iOS application, there are a few things that you should avoid. Today, we will mention the top 5 mistakes that you must not repeat to never go wrong with iOS app development. Let’s take a glance below:


1. Avoid your website clone in your app


In today's era, having a strong mobile presence holds a big advantage for businesses. On the other hand, building an application as a clone of your website proves the biggest disadvantage for your website. Users don’t want to enjoy a mirroring reflection of your website similarly on your mobile app. Therefore, cloning would always waste your resources & time, so businesses must avoid it.


It's always suggested to deliver something unique & a better user experience on your mobile app. You can use minor similarities like color, & design; instead of complete cloning.


2. Don't delay in-app updates


As we know, mobile app development is a continuous process. The developer's role, not just limits to developing an application. Yet, they always have to keep a check on the everyday performance of the applications & do necessary changes timely. Accessing troubles on time & providing the latest update would fruitfully impact your user experience.


Additionally, making your hassle-free, timely updates hold a great importance.


3. Don’t use the default keyword in a switch statement


It is one of the most common mistakes made by developers while developing an iOS application. Do you know using the default keyword can give birth to unexpected bugs? And a bug-filled application doesn't have any place in the marketplace.


If you are also using the default keyword in a switch statement, then you can consider coding in Objective – C. With the assistance of such coding, the user admin can make change in records.


4. Avoid UI practices along with core thread


The majority of iOS applications face multithreading problems that produce some annoying bugs. The prime cause behind such trouble is the execution of UI stuff externally the core thread in iOS programming. Thenceforth, it is suggested to stay more careful while executing concurrent code.


Well, we understand it’s quite complicated to address concurrency; thus developers have to depend upon several concurrency APIs.


5. Don’t overfill your app with excessive features


Overburdening applications render a poor user experience. Did you ever notice successful apps always tend to have a limited number of features? Therefore, always consider adding worthy features only; instead of overburdening with excessive content. It will confuse mobile app users & increase the chances of app uninstallation.


To eliminate such issues, developers must address core needed features that can stand out for your application.




With lots of opportunities to achieve success with your iOS application, don’t let these mistakes restrict your pathway. It is suggested to get your iOS app developed through professional iOS app development experts.


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