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Top 5 iOS App Development Trends to Follow in 2019


Apple has played a crucial role in innovating and presenting users with cutting-edge gadgets. Every year this trillion-dollar company updates its iOS version and developers begin to design and update their apps accordingly.


The latest version, iOS 12 revealed some brilliant features, making the iOS a competitive platform in the industry. You can make your iOS device more amazing through discovering the leading iOS app development trends that is set to dominate 2019.


Here is a list of some most important iPhone app development trends that are likely to be utilized in the future iOS app solutions in 2019 and beyond:


More Advanced Siri


Apple’s personal assistant Siri becomes more advanced with the development of newer iOS versions. This AI-based assistant is way smarter than Microsoft’s Cortana and Amazon’s Alexa. As per a report, Siri gave correct answers to over 70% questions and it keeps on improving and assisting users more efficiently. Apple has brought Sirikit to facilitate iOS app developers to integrate the Siri advancements. In the coming time, Siri will remain a key feature for AI-based business apps.


Emerging Machine Learning Technology


Apple takes the lead when it comes to utilize machine learning in their favor through their hardware. The company has introduced the core processor 7-nanometer A12 Bionic, featuring the “Neural Engine” for performing tasks related to the machine learning including the FaceID along with the latest customizable Animoji known as the “Memoji.” Introduction of Core ML 2 is a big step toward integrating ML-based features in the customized iPad and iPhone app development. 


Embracing AR and VR


There is no doubt about that Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) trends are here to stay. ARKit 2, an advanced version of ARKit in iOS 12, is ready to bring immersive AR experience in the app. From improved face tracking to 3D object detection, the ARKit 2 is equipped with several innovative features. We can expect that the AR technology will be integrated on a bigger level in the customized iOS apps.


More Prominent Apple Pay


In recent years, the Apple Pay has spread across Europe and Asia. It is gaining popularity in many countries helping Apple strengthen its position. As per a revelation, over a billion transactions have been taken place in the third quarter of the year 2018 on Apply pay. As we live in the age of mCommerce and the usage of the mobile wallet is increasing by leaps and bound, we can predict that in coming years, the prominence of Apple Pay will be increased globally.


Enhanced Security


App security is a top concern for Android and iOS app developers alike. However, iOS has a slight upper hand over its Android counterpart when it comes to security-related features. Apple has focused more on privacy protection and data security in recent years given that it has faced a security hack recently. Every newer version of iOS addresses privacy and security-related issues. Authentication and encryption features are in place to provide more security to the users. 


In Conclusion


Apple has addressed the emerging technologies like AR, VR, IoT, and ML while developing iOS 12. It is certain that the mobile app developers will take the iPhone app development solution to the next level by utilizing these advancements. 


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