Top 5 Trends That Will Define the Future of Mobile Applications


These days almost everyone uses a smartphone. From the alarm clock in the morning, listening to music to the ease of communication and always accessible entertainment, mobile devices have become a necessity and for some an addiction.


Presently the number of people using smartphones has surpassed 2 billion, which clearly shows that smartphones are here to stay. However, when it comes to mobile applications, it is crucial to stay updated with latest trends. Enterprises can develop up-to-date mobile apps with the help of companies that offer application development services but still, you need to be aware of the latest trends and ever-changing demands of clients. 


There are some application trends which will determine the future of mobile application development and by keeping them in mind your business can benefit and make greater profits.


1) Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence investments for 2017 have increased by 300%. This percentage has significantly grown this year with a huge demand for AI  in the mobile app development market as big companies like Google, IBM, Facebook, eBay have acquired AI startups. This has motivated other enterprises to develop their own apps with this technology.



2) Virtual Reality


Remember Pokémon Go and the entire buzz around it? You may not be a fan of this app but you can’t deny the fact that this app actually is very cool. With over 500 million downloads of this app, application developers finally realized that virtual reality is the next big logical step to engage the audience. In fact, it is predicted that augmented and virtual reality will expand to $150 billion by 2020.


3) Cloud-Based Applications


It has become fast and easier to transfer data without impacting your internal phone memory with cloud technology. With huge success of cloud-based apps like Dropbox, Google Drive, various mobile apps are going to be cloud driven in the near future. As per the Global Mobile Forecast (2015-2020), cloud apps are set to grow 90% of total mobile data traffic by 2019 worldwide.


4) Portable Gadget Accessories


People went crazy when Apple launched its watch series and not to forget Fitbit Flex and other interesting accessories. According to the latest reports, portable accessories will reach 213.6 million units worldwide in 2020. Watches, wristbands, and eyewear are some of the accessories which are witnessing over-night changes and quick updates.


5) Mobile Security Apps


With every passing day, we are getting more dependent on smartphones. We use our mobile phones for accessing bank application and other private data, which requires extreme security. Even for enterprises, any breach in data privacy can cost a company a fortune. Due to vulnerability issues, mobile security apps will see a huge demand in the coming years.




In the upcoming years, various innovations are gearing up to shake the market. Hence, you need to ensure that you are at the top of your game with either a new innovation or leveraging these trends in your mobile application development strategies.


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