Top 5 Website Design Trends to Entice Maximum Traffic

Website designs have become interactive projects now and the creative art of web designers. As many of us spend most of our time surfing the web, it is more important than ever to create something that stands out.

Now, website designers are looking for creativity from more photograph-centric designs that have worked standard.

Website design has also started to move into the future with exemplary interactions and techniques. 

Do you feel like upgrading or revamping your website’s design?

If so, you must consider the latest website design trends to make your business more desirable.

Today, we will share the top website design trends that can drive potential audiences towards your website.

1. Testimonials

As you know, your website traffic and credibility go hand in hand. The more credible your business is, the more enticing it is to customers.

It’s normal to check out reviews first before purchasing a product. By considering such factors, a business can get a chance to precisely build its credibility.

Most importantly, testimonials will assist your website to appear in the SERPs (Search Engine Page Results). As a result, the business can drive a higher audience with genuine trust with helpful testimonials

2. Oversized Typography

Using oversized Typography can work as a bold and fresh web design trend for your website. It is a versatile trend that can be utilized in a maximalist or minimalist web design.

It is an interactive trend that grabs the audience’s attention instantly. The text partially hides the background image with oversized typography, making the audience curious to know about the picture and explore more on your website.

3. Collage Illustrations

The use of collages is a trend that can offer a website illustration with a tactile feel. It opens up a white space to incorporate more images without considering the particular design around the photographs.

To implement such a trend, make sure that the shapes, colors, and patterns are perfectly incorporated. You can also add a monochrome effect, filter, and tint to photographs, which can further blend the design.

4. One-page web design

You can notice that some of the most awe-inspiring websites are one of the least complicated. The use of one-page websites is increasing, reducing the need for multiple menus.

However, the one-page website works well only with narrow subject matters, like a portfolio or a single idea presentation. These websites are like reading a poster. All the details to read are in one place without the customer getting distracted by navigation and searching on multiple tabs.

5. Social Media Buttons

Social media buttons are another integral component of website design.

It includes the icons of the social media on your website that redirect your audience to present your content with their social media network with just a few clicks.

As a result, a website can gain high traffic. It is an excellent opportunity for free advertising as referral marketing. The exciting thing about social media is that one can easily incorporate it into social media designs with the help of a few plugins.


We know you struggle to stand out from the rest despite the high website demand. Therefore, game-changing website design trends can turn your struggles into opportunities.

We are excited to see how these trends work in 2022 and beyond.

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