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Top 6 Features That Should Be Included in an Enterprise Mobile App

Recently, more businesses have started developing their own enterprise mobile applications. Enterprise mobile apps are built by or for individual organizations. These platforms enable staff members to carry out their required tasks and job duties. They can also be used to provide other benefits, such as improved onboarding. There are three main types of enterprise mobile apps: employee-level, department-level, and company-level. Regardless of the type of application developed, there are some key features that developers should consider including. The more features an application has, the more efficient it will be. Six of these important features will be discussed in more detail below.

1. Incredible User Experience

A well-designed enterprise mobile app should provide a good user experience. To help improve the user experience, app developers should implement features like offline functionality and in-app notifications. Offline functionality allows users to access important information even if they are away from the workplace or their home offices. If employees can easily navigate the app, they will be more productive instead of trying to figure out how to use the application.

2. Multi-Platform Support

When creating an enterprise mobile app, the development team should ensure that it has multi-platform support, meaning that it should be able to run the same on platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows. For example, if one staff member has an iPhone and another has an Android, the app should be able to work the same for both of them. Fortunately, there are platforms and programming languages that can be used to ensure the app works properly across all types of platforms.

3. Security Features

A robust enterprise application should also have strong security measures in place to ensure that data is safe at all times. One security measure that can be included is two-factor authentication so that users can verify their identities when logging into the system. Developers should also include other features like data encryption and role management. Regulations should also be in place to prevent issues such as data breaches.

4. Cloud Storage

Development teams should also implement cloud storage options into their organizations' enterprise applications. Cloud storage allows users to easily store and share important documents. This storage comes in handy for fully or partially remote companies so that documents can be shared with workers in different locations.

5. High Scalability

Developers should also ensure the enterprise application is highly scalable. Scalability means that the app can easily grow alongside the business.

6. Instant Messaging Options

Another useful feature developers should include in enterprise mobile apps is the ability to send instant messages. Therefore, users can easily communicate important information with their co-workers in real time. Also, if the company includes a client portal, the development team can instead create a specialized messaging application if the company chooses not to create an all-in-one platform.

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