Trends in Enterprise Web Design

Large businesses or enterprises need to have efficient websites. However, creating an enterprise website is different from creating a website for a small business. Enterprise web design is the process of creating a series of web pages for a large corporation. An enterprise website is meant to inform visitors about the company’s purpose and its products or services. An efficient enterprise website should include a strategically implemented tech stack and mobile optimization. There are several significant trends in enterprise web design. These trends include responsive web design, accessibility, interactive elements, behavioral design techniques, and parallax scrolling.

Overview of Enterprise Web Design Trends

1. Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is one of the most important enterprise web design trends that companies should consider. Responsive web design can be defined as ensuring that the website can be properly viewed across various devices. Responsive web design is important because the amount of web use on mobile devices has increased significantly over the past few years. If visitors cannot properly view the website on their smartphones or tablets, they will leave the site. Therefore, companies must have responsive web design on their websites to attract more customers and have them spend more time on the site.

2. Accessibility

Companies also need to consider accessibility when creating an enterprise website. Examples of accessibility that companies can take in enterprise web design include alt text, creating color contrast, and ensuring that the website is keyboard-friendly. Alt text is writing text descriptions for images. Alt text is useful for visually-impaired visitors that use screen readers to navigate a website. Color contrast helps visitors differentiate between the background and the page content font. Having sufficient color contrast is beneficial for visitors with low vision or color deficiency. It also helps reduce eye strain. Web designers should ensure that the website is keyboard-friendly because some visitors are unable to use a mouse for web navigation. Therefore, every link and feature on the enterprise website should be accessible through the keyboard. Web developers can check keyboard-friendliness by using key commands like the tab key to check usability and web URL conditions. Having enterprise websites be accessible is important because it shows that the company is inclusive and accommodating, which will help draw more people to the business.

3. Interactive Elements

Another trend in enterprise web design is the use of interactive elements. Interactive elements can include infographics, virtual product testing, social sharing buttons, and quizzes. Infographics can help give more detailed information about the enterprise’s products or services. With virtual product testing, customers can see how products such as makeup or furniture look before committing to buying them. Social sharing buttons allow visitors to share information or blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, which helps more people learn about the company. Interactive elements can help increase the enterprise website’s SEO rankings since people are spending more time on the site.

4. Behavioral Design

Web designers can also implement behavioral design techniques when designing enterprise websites. Behavioral design techniques are meant to influence and change user behavior through psychology. Examples of behavioral design techniques include pop-ups that try to prevent users from leaving the website. Another example of behavioral design is informing users of various statistics, such as Spotify providing data on users’ most-listened songs at the end of each year. The behavioral design makes users want to keep visiting the website and using the enterprise’s products or services.

5. Parallax Scrolling

Another trend in enterprise web design is implementing parallax scrolling. Parallax scrolling is a website design technique in which the background images move slower than the foreground images. This technique creates perception and depth within a website. Parallax scrolling can help make an enterprise website look more interesting and have users spend more time on the website.

Wrapping It Up

All enterprises need to have efficient websites. These websites are typically more in-depth and detailed than those of small companies. Some techniques that enterprise web designers can implement include responsive web design, accessibility, interactive elements, behavioral design techniques, and parallax scrolling.

If organizations need help implementing enterprise web design trends, they can hire an agency specializing in professional web design services. A professional web design company can work with the enterprise to design a website that best fits its current and potential customers’ needs.

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Posted By Lauren King
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