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Web Design SEO - Does Looks affect Rankings?

 There are a number of factors you need to consider when you decide on a website design. A good look is not the only thing which makes the design. There are other aspects, such as usability, navigation, features, and search engine optimisation (SEO) etc.

Sometimes, a good looking website may make the task of Google’s indexing harder. This, in turn, affects your rankings. Therefore, you will have to decide for yourself, if a flashy design with all the bells and whistles worth it. 
This blog looks at three popular web designs and how they affect the SEO of your website. 
• Parallax design 
A parallax design is where the entire website is created onto a single page. This design is currently in vogue, it is usable, and it is attractive. 
On the SEO front, however, it does not do a good job of telling Google that you have a varied content on your website. With fewer pages, the design makes it harder to rank for multiple keywords. However, the parallax design is a good option if you are building a competition website, or if you need to rank for one or two keywords.
• Scrolls
Scrolls are essentially the parallax design with a twist. Unlike the parallax, scrolls do not slow down a website’s loading. Facebook and Twitter are two popular websites based on the scrolls design. 
From the viewpoint of SEO professional, scrolls is useful if the web developers use AJAX in a framework, such as Bootstrap and Backbone. It brings the best of both worlds - attractive design and impressive SEO.
• Responsive design
If your website adapts itself to the screen size and input method of a device (desktop computer, tablet, or smart phone), it has a responsive design. Google has encouraged developers to create more responsive websites. In the SEO community, the general consensus is that although a responsive design does not improve rankings directly, it is still a good thing to have.
Parallax design, scrolls, and responsive design are three popular ways to design a website. They all affect the SEO of your website. Therefore, it is wise to choose your design carefully. 
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