What enterprise iPhone app developers need to know about iPhone 6 and iOS 8?

 The new iPhone has captured public imagination. Close to 10 million units of this model were sold in the first week of its launch, more than any previous Apple product. iOS 8’s performance has been stellar, too. More than 52 percent Apple users have already upgraded to the new operating system. This attraction for these latest i-device and iOS is bound to spill into the enterprise world. Are enterprise iPhone app developers prepared for the change? If they are not, what do they need to do prepare themselves to create new apps for the  iOS 8 and iPhone 6? 

The first thing they need to do is to sift through more than 4,000 APIs that have been launched for the new operating system and device and then find those who are useful to enterprise iPhone app developers. Because not everyone can do it quickly, we are highlighting the most important of them here in this blog: 
App Extensions 
New extension make storage choices, photo editing, custom keyboards, social sharing apps, and other common actions simpler. It will save development time and make user experience across devices more uniform. 

Kits promise to be a game changer for both developers and end-users. PhotoKit introduces new camera controls for budding photographers and a brand new API architecture for developers. HealthKit can be used to store, share, and track health information and HomeKit is useful when it comes to controlling connecting devices at your place.Among the new features for developers are VitalBox and useful development kits for HealthKit and HomeKit. 
Apple has introduced Metal, which promises to increase performance by as much as ten times. 
Together all this demonstrates how Apple is still an innovative company with the power to create and disrupt. 
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