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Why Businesses Need Email Integration

Even in an age dominated by social media, email still serves a purpose. Studies show that more than 306 billion emails are sent and received each day. Furthermore, email marketing can be an effective tactic for B2B companies. The continued presence of email leads to email integration, which is the tying together of tools, systems, and software for email marketing purposes. The most common way to have email integration is to use CRM software. There are several ways businesses can use email integration to attract new customers, including opt-in offers through webinars, utilizing social media, and using drip campaigns. Email integration benefits include increased customer response, providing employees with a holistic view, and providing a seamless workflow.

Email Integration Techniques

One way companies can have email integration is by including opt-in offers in the emails. An email can be sent to a potential customer after performing a specific action, such as viewing a webinar. At the end of this email, the company can then allow the customer to sign up for future updates. The opt-in option can also be done via the website or by clicking on a social media link.

Another way businesses can incorporate email integration into their marketing is to use social media. Social media can be used for email integration by having a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram post encouraging a company's followers to sign up for the email newsletter. The newsletter could then have a section dedicated to the company's top-performing social media posts that week. Additionally, articles from the email newsletter can be shared on Facebook or Twitter. Another way companies can have email integration in their social media strategy is to include the links to the social media profiles at the end of each email. Doing this method can encourage customers to follow the company on social media due to the number of times they see the links for the social media profiles.

Companies can also incorporate email integration into their marketing by using drip campaigns. Drip campaigns are when a set of scheduled emails are sent out after a specific action occurs. These actions can include a customer signing up for the email newsletter or requesting a product demonstration.

Benefits of Email Integration

Email integration can lead to many benefits within a company, including increased customer response, making employees more organized, and personalizing emails to customers.

Companies should use email integration because it can lead to increased customer response. If customers are already following the company on social media platforms, this probably means that they would be interested in receiving email updates. Using a CRM system can help the marketing team identify key customers that frequently open company emails.

Another reason why businesses should use email integration is that it can make employees more organized. Using CRM software allows users to view all records within a centralized dashboard. Having all information in one place makes it easier for the marketing team to create an email marketing strategy.

Another benefit of using email integration is that companies can personalize emails to customers. Many CRM programs allow the user to personalize email templates. Usually, this means that the email's opening line addresses the customer by their first name. Doing this tactic makes the customer feel like they received a personal email instead of one circulated to thousands of other clients. Furthermore, email integration can be used to send business tips to a client or give personalized recommendations to a shopper.


Email is still essential for companies to use in their marketing. Email integration can help businesses attract new customers, including opt-in offers, social media, and drip campaigns. The benefits include increased customer response, making employees more organized, and sending personalized emails to customers.

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