Why Does Your Enterprise Need a Mobile-friendly Website?

 Zorbis has some insight for you if you are an enterprise sitting on the fence about mobile websites. This blog will help you decide why you need presence on mobile in the first place and what are some of the best practices.  

The Need for Mobile-friendly Websites
Last year in July, Google hired SmithGeiger and Sterling Research to survey 1,088 smartphone users. The results have been published under “What Users Want Most From Mobile Sites Today.”
Sixty-one percent people said they would most likely leave a website that was not optimized for mobile. On top of it, most individuals said they were more inclined to buy from mobile-friendly websites. In corporate lingo, it means you are probably losing customers to your competition if you don’t have a mobile-friendly website.
A mobile-optimized websites provides comfortable navigation and is easy on the eye on smaller screens. Having a mobile-friendly website pays off in two ways: 
a) Users are more likely to stay longer on your website.
b) They are going to be more inclined to return. 
One doesn’t need an MBA to understand that over the long run longer and frequent visits tend to translate into more sales and consequently more revenues.
A mobile-friendly website is essential for building brand. A poor mobile experience influenced what 48 percent survey participants thought about a company; it didn’t care about its business. Unsurprisingly they were not very keen to engage with it.
Qualities of a Mobile-friendly Website
Though developing mobile websites is complicated stuff and involves over a hundred factors, from the perspective of an enterprise focused on increasing sales and building a brand, three matter the most:
1) Load time: It shouldn’t be more than five less. 
2) Features: Large buttons, easy search and a lesser need for scrolling and pinching.
3) Navigation: Easy access to important information, such as products, directions, contact numbers, and how-to-buy.
After more than a decade of working with enterprises, Zorbis understands what difference a mobile website can make and is in a unique position to develop them. 
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