Why Enterprises Don’t Need to Panic Over Google’s Ad Layout Changes?

Google’s text ads used to appear on the right-side column on desktops. Now they have completely disappeared. Although the change was noticeable for some queries as early as a few months ago, an official announcement was made only last week. Currently PPC experts all over the world are perplexed and everyone is asking “What is going to happen next?”
Although it is natural to be uncertain if you are a large enterprise whose substantial income comes from PPC text ads, it is not good for your business. In this blog, Zorbis shares with you two reasons you should not panic over the latest changes in Google’s ad layout.
It Did Not Come Out of the Blue
If you think that Google’s announcement was a shock to the industry, you are not entirely right. Big changes do not fall from the sky. And the current change was a long time in the making. The earliest hints appeared in 2010, when Google first mulled over the idea. The company had been testing the new format for several months before it came out with the Friday announcement. Zorbis’ PPC experts were aware of what was in store, and they were prepared. Consequently, none of our clients is panicked.
A right strategy for you now will be to adapt or work with a team that can help your enterprise adapt to the new terrain.
CPC Prices May or May Not Skyrocket
No longer had Google announced the change than rumors started flying of the cost-per-click prices shooting through the roof. Zorbis’ PPC consultants are not part of these rumor-mongers. One of them recently said, “The law of supply and demand will spring into action soon. The number of ad spaces has decreased but the demand for those spaces remain unchanged. It may push the prizes upward, but it is still too early to comment on anything.” It means you do not have to dig into your emergency funding to pay for your PPC campaigns. If the prices increase, you will have a lot of time to come up with the capital to pay for it.
Google’s latest change in its ad layout neither comes out of blue nor it is going to affect your PPC budget immediately. So you do not need to panic. And if you are working about the future, speak to Zorbis’ PPC consultants. They can assist you.

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