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Why Your Company Should Host a Webinar

In 2022, video content is king. Therefore, many companies are putting more effort into creating different types of video content to attract customers. However, not every company will perform well on YouTube or TikTok. When a manager's main priority is to demonstrate products, network with other industry professionals, or attract customers in the B2B space, they should focus on creating webinars. A webinar is an online seminar that allows salespeople or other business representatives to interact with customers, leads, or other employees in real-time through platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Webinars are one of the leading digital marketing solutions. Companies should focus on creating webinars to build brand awareness, improve their SEO performance, and increase audience engagement. Software solutions such as Talygen can be used to help create and market webinars.

Benefits of Hosting Webinars

One of the main reasons companies should host webinars is that they can help build brand awareness. Webinars build brand awareness since they bring more audience members in that may not have heard of the company before. If viewers enjoy the webinar, they will want to become clients of the company and tell their colleagues about it. Talygen's event management software can also help bring brand awareness. In Talygen, users can create Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn posts about the webinar. Employees can then share these posts on their own social media accounts, increasing the potential reach of the webinar. After the webinar, users can post clips and transcripts to further raise awareness of the webinar and company.

Another reason companies should host webinars is to increase their SEO performance. Webinars can improve a company's SEO performance by having staff post clips on YouTube and Instagram. Search engine algorithms now prioritize videos while displaying SERPs (Search Engine Page Results). Customers are more likely to share a video on Facebook or Twitter, further increasing the company's SEO and backlink performance.

Companies should also host webinars to increase their amount of customer engagement. The company's current customers will watch a webinar to learn about a new product. On the other hand, potential customers may find information on the webinar while performing web or social media searches for a particular kind of product. Webinars stand out from other marketing techniques because they allow company employees to communicate face-to-face with their current and potential customers. Webinars also use question-and-answer sessions to increase engagement with the audience further. Engagement can also be increased by implementing features such as polls and chat boxes. Social media managers can also answer questions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn before, during, and after the webinar. Relationships can also be created and maintained through email marketing campaigns promoting the webinar. Also, customers can view the webinar later by following the link in an email. Having this level of interaction and engagement can help increase the organization's level of customer retention.

Potential Downsides of Hosting a Webinar

However, some managers may hesitate to host a webinar. One of these reasons can be the lack of environmental controls. When hosting a webinar, there is a risk of power outages due to weather or issues within the building. Furthermore, the host's computer could malfunction, or a viewer could have technical difficulties. There is also the risk of a viewer's computer not being compatible with the system being used to host the webinar. While these issues are often out of the viewers' or company's control, they should not deter companies from hosting webinars. Many companies will find that the benefits of hosting webinars outweigh any potential risks that may arise.


More companies than ever are starting to host webinars in 2022. Webinars can be held for many purposes, such as product demonstrations and industry networking. Hosting a webinar includes increasing brand awareness, SEO rankings, and customer engagement. Webinars can be organized using software solutions such as Talygen. Zorbis is a leading voice in the digital marketing space and works alongside systems such as Talygen to help companies of all sizes and industries increase their reach. For more information on how Zorbis can help companies organize digital marketing strategies such as webinars, visit

Posted By Tim Paige
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