Zorbis Predicts: Three Trends in Enterprise-level Ecommerce Marketing

The face of ecommerce has changed in the past two decades. Emarketing solutions - blogs and article directories - which were indispensable only a few years ago are as good as useless - even harmful - today. Social media is the keyword of today’s ecommerce marketing. But it will not always be.

Enterprise level ecommerce marketing continues to evolve at a rapid pace. It has become more urgent than ever for enterprises to be able to foretell what shape emarketing solutions will take in future.
Having been in the industry for many years and having worked with some of the largest companies in the U.S., Zorbis is in a unique position to speculate on trends that will shape ecommerce marketing in years to come by. 
This blog walks you through three trends, that in Zorbis’ view, are likely to rule marketing on the web in the years of come: 
Mobile Shopping is Going to Grow
You saw responsive design and mobile-friendly website grow like wildfire in 2013. This year and the next are likely to bring a revolution in mobile shopping. Many enterprises will create websites that look better on the smaller displays of smartphones and tablets. These websites will make shopping an easier on handheld smart devices.
Social Media will Stay Important
Google no longer knows keeps link building in high esteem it used to until only a few years ago. Unsurprisingly enterprises are turning to social media to reach out to potential customers. Aware of this, many enterprises have turned to social media marketing. Zorbis is of the view that this trend will continue as social media is  going to continue to play an important role in ecommerce marketing. 
More Personalization, Accurate Suggestions
Enterprises collect data on their customers. They are going to use this data more aggressively to make more accurate suggestions and introduce more personalization. To this end, they will need to team up with innovative, enterprise-level companies that offer emarketing solutions unique to their business and market.
To conclude, the trends to shape enterprise-level ecommerce marketing in coming years are: mobile shopping, social media advertising, and extreme personalization. 
Posted By Zorbis
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